Treasure Stack promises to combine gameplay similar to the Tetris family of games, with unique platforming and grappling hook action.

Treasure Stack has both single player and multiplayer modes, so it suits a variety of people depending on what they’re looking for.

Treasure Stack

Since only review codes were out, I was unable to find a match online. However, the game will also include ranked seasons. This means you’ll be able to play randomly and casually or work to improve your skills by toppling those around your level in ranked.

Stack Attack Action

The game seems simple. You control a character at the bottom of the screen, and as blocks fall you try to match the treasure chests with the same colored key. This is challenging, because getting them to match up isn’t easy.

Treasure Stack

You must work on manipulating the order of your stacks by moving between the bottom and the top of line. Fortunately, there are some mechanics included that can make things easier.

These items include things such as bombs. They clear decent sized areas of blocks which can get rid of some of the obstacles the game gives you. Since not all blocks can be matched up to disappear.


The developers state that the game is easy to learn and hard to master. I don’t think it’s even very easy to learn. Hours in and I still suck horribly. But the game is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a fun, but challenging puzzle game, you have found the perfect game for just that.

Tell All Content

The only place where Treasure Stack is lacking, is in the content. While the game has tons of characters that you can unlock, and plenty of hooks as well. It’s basically just endlessly challenging your previous record.

The unlocks add some incentive to keep going. There are over 100 customization items to unlock after all. The gameplay itself just never really changes.

Hopefully since the game is implementing Ranked Seasons, that new cosmetics will be regularly updated. It would be a great way to keep people going, and further incentivized the game.

I’ve played and reviewed a few of this year’s puzzle games, and Treasure Stack is probably my favorite so far. It’s near addicting in its single player alone. Competing in four player multiplayer just sounds like such a wild and fun time.

Stacked Aesthetics

The overall design of the game is very simple. The artwork in game is cartoony. It works well to maintain some simplicity. Instead of clashing with the gameplay, causing distractions, it sets the tone, and tells you exactly what you need to know. It manages to do what artwork should do and didn’t risk becoming too convoluted.

The loading screens, however, are gorgeous. They are wallpaper worthy good. While they really are just but styled settings, they manage to be very pleasing to the eyes.


The music is basically same as the in-game artwork. It manages to keep a tempo that’s both engaging and not distracting. It isn’t anything spectacular, but you’ll either barely register it, due to how much the game pulls you in, or tap your toes in rhythm to your movements.

Varying Multiplayer Action

With both local and online multiplayer, it has quite a bit to offer. Already discussed slightly before, the online multiplayer will have both casual and ranked play. Meaning, depending on what mood you’re in, there’s something for you. But you can also screw around with or go head to head with your buddies as well. Chances are you’ll all suck together, but one of you will suck ever so slightly less than the rest. Ranked is cross platform, which is awesome.


The Final Verdict

Treasure Stack has something going for it. It’s fun and seriously challenging and has a good and varied multiplayer. With some post-launch support, this game could easily become a must-grab.


Treasure Stack makes its big splash on March 1st, 2019. It will be released for both PC and Console platforms. The game was developed and published by Pixelakes LLC and sells for $19.99.

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Unqiue Gameplay
Can be Repetitive
Lacking in diverse gameplay

Review Summary

Treasure Stack is a surprising amount of fun, with a rare blend of game play mechanics that will keep you asking for more.

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