Transfer Roundup – Video Game Edition

Transfer deadline day for all English teams is officially closed, with the rest of the footballing world following soon. Now, most of you will not care in the slightest about this. But when your football team (okay okay, soccer!) is making new signings left, right and centre, it brings a lot of excitement and dreams of glory for the upcoming season. So, what better opportunity for us gamers to discuss which characters should be “signed up” to our favourite video games.

Usually, by the end of the transfer window, the big clubs will have completed a handful of big signings. I am going to do the very same thing; transferring 5 big-name characters, to their respective “new clubs”, whether good or bad. All while trying to add characters that seem like they suit the general gameplay and aesthetic of their respective destination game.

My team, Liverpool FC, signed no one of note by the way! But still won the UEFA Super Cup, so it’s not all bad.

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The Uncharted series snaps up Lara Croft (Rise of the Tomb Raider series)

Transfer Roundup - Video Game Edition
Uncharted x Lara Croft

From the Uncharted series that copied the original in Tomb Raider, to the series that copied the copy with the reboot titles for the Rise of the Tomb Raider series. So, seeming as the Uncharted series is better, in my opinion anyway, why not pair the two together.

Let’s face it, they’re hardly that different from each other. And the banter between them would entertain us throughout the more expedition based gameplay moments. The ragtag Indiana Jones-esque and fumbling, Nathan Drake, would be the perfect partner in crime for a less refined and slightly fumbling herself, Lara Croft. And it isn’t even like this is new territory for the Uncharted franchise. As recently we got The Lost Legacy starring the duo of Nadine and Chloe.

Damn it Sony and Square Enix, give us this tag team escapade already!

Star Fox 64 announces double signing of Pit & Palutena (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Star Fox 64 x Pit & Palutena
Star Fox 64 x Pit & Palutena

Occasionally football clubs will make a double signing from the same club. Buying two athletes from the same team as they have shown to already work well with each other. With that mindset, employing Pit and Palutena to Star Fox 64 can only result in a winning combo.

This makes perfect sense, especially because Uprising has similar level formats to the majority of piloting sequences in Star Fox 64. Flying and shooting down enemies in a free-flowing manner with the added sarcastic wall breaking in-jokes of Palutena.

To be honest, I just want more people to discover and recognise Uprising for the sheer greatness of a game it is. And if that has to be done through Star Fox 64, then so be it.

Horizon Zero Dawn partners up with Kratos (God of War)

Transfer Roundup - Video Game Edition
Horizon Zero Dawn x Kratos

Aloy is already the perfect character for a world like Horizon Zero Dawn’s technologically advanced caveman era. And so, adding someone who already fits the mould of this world is a must. Who better than the brutish caveman looking, Kratos?

Having the two characters being interchangeable, like Mario and Luigi, will allow for all sorts of cool ways to take on the variety of machine creatures. Players can already upgrade the axe in a similar way to Aloy’s Bow in both of their respective games. And doing so would allow for more combat options to Kratos’ Leviathan Axe for some incredible battle sequences. On top of this, seeing Kratos having to take a stealth-ish approach in situations would make for some weird and wonderful moments.

We might have to leave Atreus with the babysitter on this occasion though.

The Legend of Zelda: BOTW unveils big money Mario signing (Super Mario Odyssey)

Transfer Roundup - Video Game Edition
The Legen of Zelda: Breath of the Wild x Mario

Every transfer window has one thing in common, the big money superstar signing. So, who bigger to sign than the global icon, Mario? The big-money signing of Odyssey’s Mario to BOTW, combining two of the biggest games for the Switch.

Imagine Mario needing to first defeat the bosses of BOTW before he can possess them with Cappy. The free open-world nature of BOTW’s Hyrule seems like the perfect playground for a Cappy equipped Mario to run around and cause havoc. Yeah, sure it may well nullify a few aspects of BOTW, such as the difficulty curve, weapon mechanics, etc etc. But who cares, this pairing would be ridiculously fun and one that should already have taken place.

I should state though, that most of the times, these types of transfers don’t work out. This is more of a vanity signing than one that actually makes sense. But, even then, we want this anyway!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze acquires Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back)

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze x Crash Bandicoot
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze x Crash Bandicoot

What is probably my favourite Donkey Kong game thanks to its unique mash of ideas when it comes to level design. Taking what you expect and know about platforming, turning it up to 11 just to throw everything at you and fully test your platforming skills.

Adding Crash Bandicoot from Crash 2 to the roster of playable characters for the Tropical Freeze environments seems like something that should’ve happened already. Equipping Crash with his spin, slide and body slam would add even more complexity to the levels, making them massively challenging in places but also easier in others. Thus, adding a greater sense of chaos and that old school Naughty Dog ingenuity to the whole game.

And so, acquiring the services of this version of Crash to a game that is just a zany as him makes perfect sense. Passing the torch onto Retro Studios to fill the void of brand new Crash levels. Giving us more of Crash’s ridiculous platforming style. Whether that be more into the camera platforming or side-scrolling. We don’t care. We just want to see more of Crash in his natural platforming habitat!

Let us know which characters you would add to your favourite video games in the comments below!

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