This week we will see the launch of Trailmakers 1.0, a title developed by Flashbulb Games. It combines the freedom of sandbox play with the creative building of different vehicles. Whether you are looking to explore the deep blue sea or observe the alien planet from the sky, the builder will guide you in creating your first vehicle.

The game comes complete with four modes so far: Rally, Sandbox, Dethrone, and Stranded in Space.

Race against your friends in Rally, let your creativity soar in Sandbox mode and see what you can create. If more combative modes are your thing, try and be the last lego character standing in Dethrone. With Stranded in Space, you will have to create a spaceship from the wreckage of your first, and escape the alien planet you are stranded on.

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Trailmakers, funded through a successful IndieGoGo campaign, is currently out on Steam and Xbox for a price tag of $16.34. There is currently no word on a PS4 release, but we will be sure to bring that information to our fans.

Are you looking forward to playing the game? If you have played it, does it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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