As life moves on, so do friends. Some of your closest friends may not always be in the same city or same country for that matter. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with your friends in the age of technology. Where there is a will, there is a way. From karaoke nights to pub quizzes to book clubs and slot machines, everything is possible virtually and is just a click away.

We bring you the best way of having fun with your friends and family

Host a Netflix party

While all of you can decide and plan on watching the same movie or shows together in your respective homes, a Chrome extension has made it much easier. The extension called Netflix Party allows you to party remotely with your friends. Whether it is a movie-night, a bingeathon or a special, long-distance date. The best part is that it synchronizes video playback and also allows group chat so you can respond to messages in real time.

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Play party games

You can play many popular games online or sign up for a special set of party games that you can play on your TV using phones. From Drawful(a tae on Pictionary) that asks you draw pictures of surreal situations, Quiplash – a mix of Blankety Blank and Cards Against Humanity or Fibbage a game in fibbing your way through bizarre trivia you have ample choice.

The Clue app is now also available for the original Hasbro game fans to play virtually. You can solve murders and mysteries virtually with your friends now with the app available both for iOS and Android ecosystems.

One is never too old to play Uno. Now that it is available online, a classic round with friends is a great way to reminisce about old times.Book club meetings

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned book club to strengthen bonds. Pick a great book or documentary and set a time-limit for all your friends to read it and decide a mutually convenient weekend where you can meet online and share your thoughts over a video call. If you want to be more creative, add a mandatory costume theme and spice up the meeting.

Karaoke night

There are many apps that allow you to sing along with your friends remotely to a large catalogue of songs. Some of the better apps have added features that let you do a number of things like auto tune your voice or join on a live jam or even make a music video.

Play Casino Games online

Play free or play for real money but there are hundreds of online casino games that you can play with your friends on gaming websites like NetBet Casino. From slot machines to poker to blackjack, some of the most popular casino games are online either on your web browser or mobile browser or even as an app. Just ask your friends to download the same game app or add you as a friend on the same game on social channels.

How about a Pub Quiz?

Simply google virtual quiz events or pub quizzes online and you will find countless options to choose from. Invite your friends in a special Lord of the Rings pub quiz or Superbowl quiz to have some fun. Alternatively, you can also use apps like The Houseparty app that allows you to socialise and play games with your friends. Be the quiz master and organize a trivia quiz with some bizarre questions thrown in. Interestingly, the app lets you see your friends’ reactions in real time and you can even chat with one another while playing the quiz.

Find out who’s the wordsmith

The game is called Words with Friends and you can invite your friend for a one-on-one scrabble type match online. You can even integrate the app with Facebook and see who’s online to invite them over. The classic version of this app is free and while you can only play with one player at a time, you can have several matches going on parallely.


Weekends just got a lot more exciting with so many fun games and virtual parties to choose from. Be creative and you can add a couple of more ideas to this list to make it more customized for your friends.


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