You guys, I think video games have ruined me with animal buddies. I loved pets. I loved dogs, cats, parrots, you name it! Not ferrets (those beady little eyes *shudder*). But after video games, pets are lame!

Tell me, Fritters the Gerbil, can you fight on behalf of your household? Can you cook for me? No? Ya basic!

Once again I give my warning: your list will differ from mine. Let me know who I missed in the comments below. With that, I present to you, the top five animal buddies!

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5. Arceus – Pokémon

As with most of my lists, I’d like to start with an entry that resides on just the edge of what qualifies as belonging on the list. I know that Pokémon are not classified as actual animals, but data that can live inside a computer. But they live in the world of Pokémon and possess enough animal traits that humans live with them, watch them in nature, and even breed them. That sounds like an animal to me.

Now just imagine. Some punk kid stops you on the street and says, “Fight me!” Well, I don’t know who you think you are, Bug Catcher Rudy, but I must defend myself. So, you reach into your pocket and pull out God.

Some may argue that Arceus isn’t technically God, but the Pokémon’s Pokédex entries claim that, in Sinnoh’s mythology, it “emerged from an egg where there was nothing” and “shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms”. If I had to choose one Pokémon to become my animal friend, it would be the one that formed existence.

Bug Catcher Rudy’s Weedle doesn’t stand a chance!

4. Rambi – Donkey Kong Country

When it comes to the Nintendo universe, Donkey Kong remains the unmatched “King of the Jungle”. Part of having that title includes protecting the animals that live in that jungle. No animal buddy has remained as loyal as Rambi the Rhinoceros.

Rambi has appeared in nearly every main entry in the Donkey Kong Country franchise… except maybe DKC3. It doesn’t matter that Donkey has gotten captured! There’s nothing that would make Rambi let Footie Pajama Kong (also known as Kiddie) ride on him.

What can Rambi do? As the name suggests he can ram! He can charge and bash baddies. Using their most loyal animal buddy, Donkey and Diddy can find multiple secrets on Kong Isle. When you think of the word animal buddy, Rambi will most likely come to mind.

3. Agro – Shadow of the Colossus (Spoiler)

I know some of you may cry foul at the fact that I chose Agro over Epona from The Legend of Zelda. Epona gets an honorable mention for being a loyal steed but ultimately, I chose Agro because of just how dedicated she stays to Wander throughout the entire adventure to restore Mono’s life. What other horse would stay to fight giant monster after giant monster?

Agro gets chased by a gigantic sand snake and stands strong with you versus a giant steam turtle. She nearly dies just to get Wander to the last Colossus. I don’t care if I visit a stall every day. I don’t think I could train a horse to help me fight a giant monster at its own expense.

2. DD (Diamond Dog) – Metal Gear Solid 5

When you find DD in MGS5, he’s just a pup with a missing eye. After training to become a good dog, Snake can use DD in the field to distract, attack, stun, kill, or even capture enemies. He can find medicinal plants for you and can even spot active landmines so that you don’t step on one. When it comes to animal friends, DD is one “good boy”. (I’m sorry. I had to say the pun. I just had to. Please forgive me.)

1. Yoshi – Super Mario World

Who else could it have been, but Yoshi? Mario’s best animal friend started out as his loyal steed in Super Mario World. But Yoshi quickly grew to have somewhat of an identity all his own.

Yoshi can eat most enemies that stand in Mario’s way, turning them into eggs. Yoshi protected him as a baby in Yoshi’s Island. He can turn into multiple shapes such as a helicopter. He even gave his life for him a couple times in Mario World and Super Mario Maker.

As stated before, Yoshi has become a main character of his own. He’s appeared in multiple games where he is the main character. But when goofing around with the rest of the Mario crew, he can play party games, race carts, and even play golf and tennis. Above all, there’s nothing Yoshi can’t do. For that reason, Yoshi remains my number one animal buddy.

Who are your favorite animal buddies? Let us know in the comments below!

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