The developers at Acid Wizard Studio has announced that Darkwood will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch in May. The positively received Darkwood has previously released on Steam and GOG back in 2017. You might be thinking to yourself, what is Darkwood? Well, Darkwood is a top-down dark survival horror game with a hand-drawn type art style to it. The game is set during the 1980s and it explores an unnamed protagonist who is trying to escape a seemingly profound forest. The forest is filled with horrific creatures, and events that will make the survival side to this game more intense. There are several changes that affect your gameplay, which includes biomes, status effects, day & night events, time changes, and more.

Reviews for Darkwood have been relatively positive, with a MetaCritic score of 8.0. Additionally, the user reviews on Steam for the horror game seem to be praising it for it’s tense atmosphere, and gameplay. A user by the name ‘Nicholas Cage’ commented, “Fantastic game. Everything is always right out of reach and the only thing truely stopping you from reaching is your own nerves. This game is brilliant in audio design and certainly understands its art style as not just visuals but part of the story. What a perfect experience.” And no, don’t get your hopes up, that wasn’t the Nicholas Cage that we all know and love (sort of). Another user by the name of Kaein commented, “The atmosphere of Darkwood during the day is tense. Your feet crack on branches, the wind blows through the trees. Enemies howl, roar, and whisper through the same woods you stalk in.”

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Darkwood releases on May 14th on PS4, May 16th on Nintendo Switch, and May 17th on Xbox One.

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