For starters, who doesn’t love fun, challenging mobile games? Whether you’ve just gotten out of class early and need something to do or you’re kids won’t stop harassing you to play the games on your phone; mobile games are an awesome way to pass the time. Even more awesome are mobile games that are free! For your convenience, here are 5 of the top mobile games you should install on your devices right away.

Super Spell Heroes

Ready for a magical, color bursting adventure with wizards, witches, and heroes? Then, journey your way over to the app store to install Super Spell Heroes right away! First on the list, this strategic, puzzle game comes equipped with unlimited 1V1 duels, a leveling-up system, and online multiplayer. With over a hundred thousand downloads already, you’ll have tons of players to battle against and prove that you are the ultimate, mystical hero! Download it here!

  • Developer: Flaregames
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Released: August 16, 2018
  • Cool Features: Collect and evolve magical spells and heroes
  • Battle against players globally
  • Choose tactical fighting strategies from defensive and perceptive to abrupt and instant

Werewolf Online

There’s something lurking in the darkness… something sinister… something… killer. Is that a howling at the moon you hear? And when did those claw marks appear on that tree?! This appears to be the evil deeds of none other than…a WEREWOLF! These bloodthirsty creatures are exactly what you have to hide from in Werewolf Online. In this massive multiplayer app, it’s up to you survive the night along with your village against any evil, whether that be the wolves or something even more viscous! There are over ten different roles you assume in the game from an Aura Seer to a Doctor to even a Werewolf yourself! By the way, this app has over 1 million downloads already! See how long you can last in your frightening little town, here.

  • Developer: Philipp Eichhorn
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Released: August 2, 2018
  • Cool Features: 16 player max in each round
  • Customize your avatar
  • Participate in ranked games and solve mysterious with serious players

Monster Mansion Blast

Have a hard time finding the perfect mix of cute and spooky? Dare to venture to the cuddly, hair raising monster world of Monster Mansion Blast.  This free app will satisfy all your quizzical needs with its fun yet elaborate puzzles. You can take the time to compete in eerie tournaments online then turn around and use ghostly power-ups and credits to decorate your very own haunted mansion. Several new features including cartoon monster characters, prizes, and game boosters are currently being added to make the gameplay even more immersive for players. Get yourself in the Halloween spirit today with this creepy app here.

  • Developer: Round Zero
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Released: August 23, 2018
  • Cool Features: Add additions to your customizable mansion
  • Explore a vastly wicked world of puzzles
  • Win and show-off your awards

Hungry Dragon

Think of the “Snake” games but with 3-D dragons and goblins. Hungry Dragon is a humorous and amusing action/arcade game in which you command dragons to eat just about everything in sight. What will your main objectives as a dragon be, you ask? Well spewing fire, terrorizing villagers, and wreaking havoc on the world of course! There are a variety of ways to level- up and customize your dragons as well as several different modes for you to compete for the highest scores. You can get a taste of the flames and feel the burn here.

  • Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • ESRB Rating: T
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Released: August 29, 2018
  • Cool Features: Unlock costumes
  • Have pet companions to accompany you
  • Go on a destruction spree on Free-Roam modes

Bloons Adventure Time TD

Finally, Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time meets the popular Tower Defense games to create Bloons Adventure Time TD! In this colorfully animated app, you face off against the mischievous Bloons who have taken over the land of Ooo. Play as some of Cartoon Network’s greatest heroes, Finn and Jake, through 50 balloon filled maps and adventure. There are over 200 weapons to unleash your fantasy violence upon the Bloons and destroy their defenses to save the land of Ooo. Get to popping those balloons here!

  • Developer: ninja kiwi
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Google Play Rating: 4.2
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Released: August 28, 2018
  • Cool Features: Unlockable characters such as Marceline and Princess Bubblegum available
  • 15 new adventures
  • Over 30 unique powers and 50 allies to collaborate with in game

What are your thoughts on this list? See any games you want to download? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more alerts on great mobile games at Culture of Gaming!

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