Top 5 August 2019 Indie World Reveals

Nintendo just concluded their Indie World presentation, announcing both new and existing indie game reveals coming to the Nintendo Switch. While the direct had plenty for every type of gamer, some announcements rose above others. With that said, here are the five biggest reveals from Indie World of August 2019.

5. Risk of Rain 2

As per usual Nintendo fashion, the presentation began strong with Risk of Rain 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch. Developer Hoopoo Games sets out to create a fantastic multiplayer experience with this Rouge-like shooter. Players can choose one of 10 different characters and battle through different stages in order to collect items and become stronger for the next run. With randomized stages, enemies, and items, each run will feel different from the last. While the game is still in development, an early access version can be played on Steam with five available characters. Risk of Rain 2 will release on the Nintendo Switch in Summer of 2019.

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4. The Touryst

Shin’en Multimedia, likely known by Nintendo fans for the creation of FAST RMX, has just announced its newest project: The Touryst. Set as a block-style action-adventure game, players will explore Monument Island and all the activities it has to offer. From discovering ancient mines to playing arcade games in an actual arcade, you can have the vacation of your dreams. With a play style similar to The Legend of Zelda series and graphics comparable to Minecraft and LEGO games, this little Indie darling will surely win over fans who love exploring open worlds. The Touryst will release on the Nintendo Switch on November 2019.

3. Hotline Miami Collection

The well-known and beloved top-down action titles Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 will grace the Nintendo Switch in the form of the Hotline Miami Collection. From Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games, both games will feature the same retro-graphics and gory gameplay that won them their success. While the sequel didn’t fare as well as the original, both will bring retro-enthusiasts a fun time an will fit right at home on the Switch. The Hotline Miami Collection is available now for the Nintendo Switch.


SUPERHOT Team’s unique FPS of similar name has finally found its way to the Nintendo Switch. SUPERHOT combines strategic gameplay with complete chaos with the use of its time-pausing mechanic. Time only moves when the player moves, allowing them to plan out their next action among the mayhem that is each level. The challenge rises even more with a lack of ammo drops and health meters, meaning one shot can kill you instantly. With the stylish graphics and well-thought-out level design, fans of the Shooter genre will have a nice change of pace from the norm. SUPERHOT is currently available to download on the Nintendo Switch.

1. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Rumors of Ori and the Blind Forest coming to the Nintendo Switch go back for months now, but doesn’t make the reveal any less exciting. Developed by Moon Studios, this Metroidvania follows Ori, a Light Spirit who must save the Forest of Nibel from the impending darkness, while also learning the secrets of his home and origins. The game received both critical and financial acclaim upon its initial release, so a Switch port seems like the logical next step. This version of the title will include all DLC and “numerous new features” exclusive to the Switch. This, along with other Xbox exclusives such as Cuphead and Super Lucky’s Tale, should only prove that Microsoft and Nintendo’s partnership continues to grow strong. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will release on the Nintendo Switch on September 27th, 2019.

What Indie World games are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below! While you’re here, check out our articles on the Hero character in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate possibly getting banned from competitive play and why packs need to disappear from video games. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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