The days when with your phone you could do calls and text messages only are long gone. Modern smartphones offer wearers unique experiences ranging from the study, virtual travel, and, of course, entertainment. Now, on your iPhone, you can play games that haven’t been available on mobile for quite some time. Developers of online games are beginning to transfer both long-loved games and novelties to the mobile format, which is very pleasing to gamers from all over the world.

Some of the games presented are not new, but for a long time, they have been held in the top 100 games for iPad and iPhone. The main guarantee of success is excellent graphics, exciting gameplay, and interesting interaction with other players.

PUBG Mobile is the Best iOS Game to Date

PUBG made a big hype in 2017, and even now it does not lose popularity, as its mobile version is supported by most smartphones. Amazing graphics and visuals surpass most games in this genre (even on home consoles!). The idea behind the game is pretty simple. You find yourself on an island with 99 players and must remain the only survivor. During the game, you get weapons, vehicles, and a lot of fun competing with the other players on a gigantic map. There is nothing superfluous in the game, only you and your opponents, with some of them you can unite into DUO or QUAD party and strive together for victory. It is important to take your time and think over a strategy at the very beginning since your survival on the island and subsequent victory depends on it. The best thing is that you can download PUBG mobile absolutely for free! This is a triple-A title on your smartphone, don’t waste your time and download game now!

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The Room, Top Selling Game on the App Store

This one same as PUBG, not new but it has been at the top since its release. Fans of quests and riddles have appreciated the gameplay, wonderful music, and realistic graphics of The Room. Several rooms-levels where you need to show the logic and try to open a huge box, in which there are many secret compartments and latches. If you think everything is simple – you’ve made a mistake. You need to be careful and patient to get to the main locked box. It is necessary to fold certain combinations of the lock and find items to unlock it. And when you finally find some kind of object, it is not a fact that it is suitable for opening the lock, which means that the search continues. The game gives hints if you are stumped and can point you in the right direction. If you want to relax and have a good time, The Room on your iPhone is the way to go.

Slots by Storm8 Studios for iOS

Maybe because of the COVID-19 pandemic, or maybe all people are fond of gambling, but Slots game by Storm8 Studios occupies a leading position among gambling games on iOS available in the AppStore. Users note constant updates, a huge selection of slot machine games online like in a real casino. The application has both classic slots and a variety of casino-themed mini-games. The app is completely free and available in all regions for download.

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