division 2

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 at times feels like a repeat of the original game but with more interesting enemy factions and a better environment.

When the first Division game released in 2016 there was a lot of hype surrounding it. It had been announced in 2013 and people were excited to roam New York and battle among each other in the Dark Zone. When the game finally released it generally received positive reviews. The world felt a little more dead than fans anticipated but I enjoyed my time with it. However, I beat the main story and never really came back for the DLC add-ons.

The Division 2 takes place in Washington D.C. The Dollar Flu (now called the Green Poison) has decimated the country for the past seven months. As part of the Division, you have been called in to help bring peace. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in the story. I often found myself skipping cutscenes. Looter shooters have not necessarily been known for their amazing stories in the past and Division 2 is just another example of that.


The big draw for Division 2 is its gameplay. Like the first game, it is centered around a cover-shooting third-person style like the Gears of War games. I have never been a big fan of very grindy games where the only motivation for me to keep playing is to get better gear. With the Division series though, it has managed to keep my interest more than Destiny or Anthem ever have.

If you played the first Division, the sequel feels the same. Most of the skills from the previous game have returned with many of the same upgrades.

Gunplay and Movement

Once I received more powerful weapons I felt like I was doing adequate damage regardless if I had a sniper, shotgun or LMG. The map layout and the way your character moves through tried my patience. You can climb and vault over short walls which helps.


The Dark Zone has returned. This time the Dark Zone is split into three smaller areas. It is nice not to have to do as much running to get through the areas and the Dark Zone perks seemed like decent goals to continuously work towards.

The newest mode is called Conflict. I played three games of this PvP mode and I have to say I have no desire ever to go back to it. There are two play styles: Skirmish and Domination and I thought they could have been improved upon.

Enemy Factions

Across D.C., factions of survivors have banded together fighting for control of the nation’s capital. Hyenas steal from and attack the weak. They destroy anything they do not need so other people will not have access to the resources. With their pack mentality they travel in groups and instead of taking cover to stand their ground and will often bring the fight to you.

The True Sons are a group of military personnel that are very well organized. Led by a former JTF officer, they steal resources from the sick.

The Outcasts are a group bent on revenge for being forced into quarantine. They are truly devoted to their cause of spreading sickness to anyone not affected by the Green Poison. Often they will be wielding flamethrowers and have suicide bombers that rush you.

Finally, the Black Tusk are the endgame enemies. They appear after you max out your player at level 30. They will take back the areas that Division agents cleared out and have skills and gear that make them the most powerful enemies in the game.

The enemy factions are varied and for the most part I enjoyed their differences. The way they fight and the kind of firepower they have to keep the experience from getting stale.


Graphically, The Division 2 is not a huge step forward compared to the first game. The location and time of year is a very welcomed change for the series though. The original took place in New York City around Christmas time. Everywhere was snowy and dark and very dead-looking. This game takes place in summer. It feels like it has been a lived-in area much more than the first game.

As you travel around the city you will see wildlife that now roams among the streets. Deer, dogs, and vultures can be found. You can shoot them but doing so has no value and you cannot interact with them.


Overall, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 generally is as entertaining as the first installment despite any flaws. If you enjoyed the original, you will have a great time with the sequel.

Less spongey feel
Smaller Dark Zones
A decent gameplay model carried over
Poor movement
Uninteresting story and characters

Review Summary

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a fun but flawed experience.

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