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Toki Tori 2+ Review

Star Fox soars. Battletoads bash. Jim is an earthworm. Donkey Kong drives Mario bananas. And, Conker does what Conker does.

In 2001, chickens around the world finally found their hero in Toki Tori. The courageous chick saved his brothers and sisters by solving puzzles and defeating enemies on the Game Boy Color.

Seventeen years and several console evolutions later, Toki Tori has returned to Nintendo with a next-gen sequel.



Like all of its predecessors, This game has simple controls that lull you into a false sense of security as the puzzles themselves will certainly give your grey cells a workout.

Toki Tori has two abilities at his disposal. He can shake the ground with a stomp which can upend enemies and reposition platforms. Toki Tori can also tweet melodies. The songs Toki Tori chirps spark different powers like teleportation, etc. Oftentimes, both stomps and tweets must be used together in order to complete a puzzle.

The Puzzles

While the gameplay of this platformer may sound straight-forward, it is anything but effortless. The puzzles are surprisingly difficult at times requiring you to really think things through and not just muddle your way along. The cute characters, the whimsical graphics and interactions disguise the fact that this puzzle game is rather tough.

Because the platforming aspect is just a way to deliver the puzzles, many may find this game to be a grind. Without any real platforming action, it can all get very cyclic. If, however, riddles are your thing and you cannot resist the cuteness overload, Toki Tori 2+ and its bargain price tag may easily win you over

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Cute characters and settings.
Challenging puzzles.
Simple gameplay.
The price won’t damage your wallet.
Simple gameplay.
A puzzle game disguised as a platformer.
Repetitious gameplay.

Review Summary

Not a complicated game but a challenging one for those who love riddles.

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