Review: Titanfall 2 Frontier Defence

They’ve done it! Ladies and Gentlemen they’ve done it! It’s time to come back to Titanfall 2! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Titanfall 2 recently released the Frontier Defense update. This update adds a new map (Rise) as well as adding a new live fire map (Township). The highlight of this update is the new game mode Frontier Defense. If you’ve played any sort of horde mode in any game, then you’ll be right at home here. Frontier Defense is a 4 player co-op experience where you take on waves of grunt, spectres, titans, and many others. Each of the enemy titans has different abilities and are especially useful to the enemy at certain points in the game.

You take on 5 waves of enemies. Standard to almost every horde style of gameplay, you are protecting your Harvester and between rounds you spend the credit you earn at The Armory. The Armory contains several helpful upgrades including Arc traps, which launch electricity onto an unsuspecting enemy once stepped upon slowing them down therefore making them an easier kill. There are 8 upgrades to purchase in between rounds. When first playing the game mode I jumped in with 3 strangers and despite the lack of communication, we still completed the game with ease. Where this game mode really shines is when you play with friends. Frontier Defense is incredibly hectic but also very rewarding.

You level up just as you would in the normal online modes but you also gain new levels for your Titans called “Aegis Ranks.” These ranks allow you to permanently upgrade your Titan in the Frontier Defense game mode. I used the Tone titan and the first Aegis Rank increases my 40mm canon damage as well as making it more of a buckshot as opposed to a rifle type of shot. One thing to remember about this game is that the titan you pick at the beginning of the game is the titan you will be locked into for the entire game. Another really great part of this game mode is that unlike other horde modes, these games won’t take 2-3 hours. My first game with friends took us only about 30 minutes but it was a crazy 30 minutes.

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You can choose from Easy/Regular/Hard and Master difficulty. One thing I will warn about this is that the jump from regular to hard mode is very noticeable. The games difficulty ramps up and communication and well placed traps become an absolute necessity. An “Insane” difficulty will also be added at a later date and will be featured as a separate mode. The 5 possible maps you can play Frontier Defense on are Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise and Blackwater Canal. My personal favorite is Rise but every map has its strengths and weaknesses. Each map has several choke points which are essential to winning and you want to learn the maps so you know where to place traps as well.

The atmosphere that Titanfall’s developers, Respawn, created with this game mode is amazing. There’s a constant sense of urgency and panic which makes the game mode stand out among the others. Another thing I love about this style of play is that it’s a good way of easing newer players into the game. Other game types like Attrition can be  overwhelming to a new player, especially if they’re coming over from a game like Battlefield. Frontier defense does a great job or making you think as well which is a welcome change to Titanfall. Yes, there are obviously other game modes in which you have to think but most of the game modes are run and gun. In Frontier Defense you have to choose when to drop your Titan, think of what defenses your harvester will need for the upcoming round or if you should change your loadout in between rounds. I can’t say enough good about this game mode!

I’ve been having insane amounts of fun with this game mode. I feel sorry for Titanfall 2 for coming out when it did and losing a massive portion of its player base already even though its only been out since October of last year. Its a true shame to see such an amazing and original shooter be pushed to the wayside. That aside, it’s time to reinstall, rebuy or do whatever it is that you have to do to get your hands on this game. Titanfall 2 is now on EA access so if you decide to subscribe to that you’ll be getting this great game for free. You would be doing yourself a great disservice by not checking out Titanfall 2 if you haven’t already. No other shooter on the market mixes fast paced gameplay with parkour and giant robots. So in closing, grab some friends, grab some titans and get out there and defend your harvester!

Have you tried out the new Frontier Defense mode? What’s your favorite part of it? Let us know down below! Also be sure to follow Culture of Gaming on Twitter at @COGdotnet for more reviews, news and editorials!

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