GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated video games so far. Fans are eagerly waiting for this sixth installment and there are many speculations online about what it would look like. The setting, cars, storyline, locations, and many other things are being predicted by pro game experts. We know Rockstar Games won’t let us down but here we have mentioned some of the few things we enjoyed in GTA 5 and we would love to see them back in the sixth installment as well.

These are not fundamental activities or missions but are “secondary activities” that you do alongside all the missions, game modes, and races. We haven’t made this list on any particular order or preference. These are just that we enjoyed and we would want them to be in GTA 6.

The Lucky Wheel

The wheel of fortune in GTA Online currently ensures that the fastest and rarest cars in the game can be easily won. This is especially awesome for casual players because they can easily get to the expensive cars without having to grind for hours.

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In short, players have the chance to get endgame content for free. This makes you feel less like missing out on the connection. That’s what we wish for GTA 6. So casual players can also get cool cars or maybe unlock other exciting things like weapons, armor, or exclusive missions without having to grind for hours.

Casino Games

Gambling in rock star titles is a feature that is often desired. Fans also wanted this from the Red Dead Redemption 2. In GTA Online, games of chance came into play when the casino opened.

Many gamers probably play poker, free online slots, blackjack, or other games in their spare time outside of video games and are happy when they can also play digitally in their favorite game. In GTA Online there is now poker, horse racing, blackjack, and even one-armed bandits. We would be happy if this popular pastime would also play a role in GTA 6 again.

Tennis, Golf, and Darts,

These activities all fall into one category, which is why we summarize them here. A lot of players enjoy these sports challenges and at the same time, they are competitive. Whether you’re standing on the tennis court with friends or throwing darts at the bar with Randoms in the bar. Even on the golf course, you have to really make an effort.

These activities are a great distraction from the “everyday life” in GTA Online and clear your head after you have been beaten by Heists with random players or friends. We would look forward to this and other sports activities in GTA 6 that serve as a “fun distraction”. Maybe Cousin Roman will come over for a round of bowling or set up a few kicker tables.

Freemode Events/Session Competitions

Sessions of GTA online activities are really fun. These are challenges like:

  • Drive the longest wheelie
  • Open the parachute as close to the ground as possible
  • Do the most harm
  • Steal most cars
  • Ride the highest top speed

Such spontaneous actions easily bring money into your account. In addition, players with little preparation time must be present quickly to compete with other players in this session. We would like to see such challenges for GTA 6, because it allows you to play different areas of GTA (driving fast in cars, flying checkpoints on planes, devastating parking lots) and bridging the waiting time for friends or other activities.

They also ensure that sessions don’t get boring and that the competitive idea stays in online mode. Another advantage is that you don’t have to join in these free mode events via the player search, but every player can automatically join a session. So that takes out annoying waiting times.

BMX Parks

Isn’t it fun to grab a BMX bike and ride to a park with ramps or just cycle through the area when you have had enough of driving supercars in the game?

Rockstar Games has put a lot of effort into the design of bicycles and makes you want more. You can heat up with racing bikes, do stunts with BMX bikes or jog up and down mountains with mountain bikes. So, such fun activities and things would bring a lot of variety and another opportunity to compete with friends in a small competition. And without having to shoot each other.

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