Ever wanted to play a game of Overwatch with nothing but zero-gravity Winstons? Well, too bad – Blizzard will never make that an official mode. However, thanks to Overwatch’s new Workshop creation tool, you can make Space Gorillas a working mode of your own! That is, if you’re willing to dedicate some time and knowledge.

Workshop mode is a fully-functioning scripting interface for Overwatch. It lets you edit the default modes’ code and scripts to create custom game modes. It lets you change the parameters and variables that dictate the default game modes for all kinds of crazy results. Lead Director Jeff Kaplan mentioned that he and his team were able to make a mode where a character dies every time they touch the ground.

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That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Using the toolset, the Overwatch team made a complex version of Hide-and-Seek, and a “mirrored death match” mode where two teams of the same hero face off against each other, with all the players swapping between heroes once per minute.


Despite the power this game editor offers, Jeff had a few caveats to add. “I have to warn you up front, this is more of what I would call a ‘power user’ feature […] anyone who understands the logic of game-making […] will have an easier time creating things.” Not everyone can pick this up immediately and start building modes; you’ll have to learn a bit if you’re new to coding.

Unfortunately, The Workshop cannot be used to edit maps. Jeff explains “You won’t be able to create custom geometry or import art into the game that doesn’t already exist.” This will be used solely for mode-scripting.

In a way, this Workshop Mode is a more powerful extension of the previous Custom Games option, where users could define team sizes, modes, and objectives to change the way the match would play. Workshop allows for much more customizability, however.

The Workshop mode is only available on Overwatch’s PTR for the time being, but when the full mode launches, it will be available as a free update for both PC and consoles.

For full details on how to use The Workshop, read Blizzard’s in-depth guide right here. And for more on Blizzard, Overwatch, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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