As you have seen before, VoltEdge is making some interesting products right now.  At first, we talked about the 3D Sound Array. Today, we have the new TX70 as the point of topic.  


Going off of  what we see here, the TX70 boasts 50mm temper tuned drivers, delivering high quality audio right to your ears.  For the people you chat with online, the TX70 feature a flip-to-mute boom mic capable of crystal clear audio. On top of all that, it boasts a 15 hour battery life.  To be quite honest, it is nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing I would want different is the 2.4 GHz bandwidth upgraded to 5.0 GHz. While it may not be an issue, it is always nice having that option if the 2.4 bandwidth is too busy to use.


The reason I do not see this as an issue is due to the price range the TX70 is coming in at.  Any upgrades would cause the extremely competitive $59.99 price point to go up. To give you an idea,  a comparable wireless headset from Corsair and Razer would come in at around $100.  It is going to be interesting to see how all of them compare once the TX70 hit the market.

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