We all love video game power-ups. That moment when we find that one item that can get us out of a tight spot invigorates gameplay. We sometimes feel like we can take on the entire world when we receive a certain power-up. With that said, it’s obvious that some power-ups exceed in this area better than others. Because of this, we thought it would be fun to rank the five best video game power-ups. Keep in mind that this list is just an opinion and is in no way definitively factual. Now let’s count down the top 5 video game power-ups.

5. The Hookshot (The Legend of Zelda)

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A fan favorite among The Legend of Zelda fans, the Hookshot allows players to swing from one area to another. This power-up adds a fun method of traversing dungeons and other areas within multiple games in the series. It makes you feel like Spider-man in that you have the freedom to swing around Hyrule with such ease. While the Hookshot sadly did not make an appearance in Breath of the Wild, we hope that it returns in later instalments – it’s just too much fun not to have.

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4. Screw Attack (Metroid/Super Smash Bros.)

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The Screw Attack has become the one of the most iconic power-ups in the Metroid series, and it makes sense as to why. Who wouldn’t enjoy an ability that basically lets you destroy enemies in your path just by jumping? It just gives you that brief feeling of a power fantasy whenever you use it. The Screw Attack also made a statement in the Super Smash Bros. series. Players could pick up this item and continuously deal damage to their opponents simply by jumping. This power-up really does bring fun and entertainment to players who enjoy spamming the same attack, and who can blame them? It really is fun.

3. Fire Flower (Super Mario Bros.)

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Likely one of the earliest power-ups in the gaming world, the Fire Flower from the Super Mario Bros. series gave players the ability to shoot fireballs at upcoming enemies. While not the flashiest power-up, the Fire Flower could really save you during those platforming levels of the original Super Mario Bros. The Fire Flower has evolved throughout generations of Mario games, but the enjoyment of shooting Goombas and Koopas with fire never gets old. Not to mention, it changes Mario and Luigi’s outfits to these cool white overalls.

2. Chaos Emeralds (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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Ah yes, the Chaos Emeralds, usually the McGuffin of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Just because they often serve as a plot device, however, doesn’t make them lame – far from it in fact. These gems give the player temporary invincibility, meaning you won’t get hurt by enemies or hazards. In a game where the intention is to go as fast as possible, there’s no other power-up you’ll probably like more. You essentially speed through the stage while destroying anything in your path. Who wouldn’t get an adrenaline doing that?

1. Super Star (Super Mario Bros.)

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Come on, how could we not put the Super Star at the top of a power-up list? Ever since its first appearance in the original Super Mario Bros., the Super Star has become iconic as one of the most famous power-ups of all time. This star packs a punch too, with it giving players immunity to damage., similar to the Chaos Emeralds. You can run through tons of enemies, get a slight speed boost, and destroy blocks with ease. On top of all that, the theme for the super star just gives you a rush every time you use it. There’s no question that the Super Star is a power-up that deserves the number one spot.

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