The Top 5 Most Exciting Keyblade Transformations

To say fans are excited for Kingdom Hearts III is an understatement. For years, gamers have patiently waited for the climax that the series has built up to. Luckily, the wait will soon come to and end. Kingdom Hearts III seems prepared to innovate the formula of past games to create a unique gameplay experience. One method of doing so appears to revolve around Keyblade Transformations. Thes mechanic allows certain Keyblades to change into special weapons or power-ups once certain requirements are met. While we don’t know how these transformations work exactly, that won’t stop us from listing the ones we’re looking most forward to using. With that said, here are the top five Keyblade transformations we can’t wait to try out in Kingdom Hearts III.

5. Double Arrowguns

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Anyone who has ever played a Kingdom Hearts game can tell you that the series has never had a big focus on shooting mechanics. While some titles included Gummi Ship levels, they paled in comparison to the main gameplay. That’s why seeing a transformation involving two crossbow-like guns intrigues us. The ability to shoot mass amounts of heartless sounds like a fun time. Hopefully the developers found a way to incorporate some fast-paced rapid fire to compliment the already flashy combat.

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4. Blizzard Blades

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Come on, who hasn’t had that fantasy of slashing through their enemies with blades like Wolverine? Well, from what it looks like, the transformation Blizzard Blades will likely fit the bill. From what we’ve seen, this transformation will come from the Frozen Keyblade and will involve quick and swift strikes with two giant blades of ice on Sora’s arms. If that doesn’t make you want to unleash a frenzy on some Heartless, we don’t know what will. Regardless, this transformation seems to take advantage of speed, which always makes combat more fun.

3. Hyper Hammer

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In the Kingdom Hearts series, Keyblades have never been known as tank weapons. That’s why seeing the Hyper Hammer transformation gives a nice change of pace. Like most of these transformations, we don’t know how the Hyper Hammer works exactly, but we assume there will be some force in those swings. It also seems likely that the impact the hammer has on the ground will have a wide impact-range, which can be useful with multiple enemies surrounding you. However, it seems like there might be a trade-off of speed for power, but that power will likely be worth the risk.

2. Twin Yo-Yos

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A set of Yo-Yos does not exactly come to mind when we think of powerful weapons, but Square Enix decided to think outside of the box. Twin Yo-Yos are a large pair of yo-yos you swing around the area allowing you to sweep out any enemies in your way. It may not sound like anything spectacular, but it has potential. We’re more looking forward to seeing how this transformation turns out more than anything. Done right, it could prove to be an enjoyable mechanic. Hopefully the developers have design the transformation well enough that we won’t want to stop walking the dog!

1. Nano Arms

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It’s hard not to be excited for what Nano Arms can do. This transformation will likely be the most visually stunning, that’s for sure. With what we’ve seen, nanobots  swirl around the stage and take the form of multiple objects in order to take down Heartless. It feels safe to say that Nano Arms will provide our dose of power fantasy for Kingdom Hearts III. It makes sense – how can you not feel like a god controlling machines that can morph into almost anything?

What Keyblade transformations are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below! For more content, check out our articles on The Implications of Bungie’s Breakup or 5 Things Nintendo Should Show In A Possible January 2019 Direct. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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