The Thin Silence – A Game That’s Hard To Swallow

The Thin Silence tells the tale of a man named Ezra Westmark, who struggles with depression and PTSD. He struggles with the loss of a loved one and a strained relationship with his family. With this in mind, this game is not meant for children and may not be best for those struggling with mental health problems of their own.

The Thin Silence – In A Big Cave With A Bigger Story

The game takes place in a cave where small glimpses are seen from light from above. Players work to solve puzzles in an effort to escape. Initially, there are a lot of rocks in the way. These are just one of many obstacles players encounter. But all of them are symbolic of roadblocks encountered in life.

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As players struggle and make mistakes they can be left feeling trapped. And to be honest, this can wear you down as it is both mentally and emotionally exhausting. The game warned in it’s “about” section that it may cause players to feel “less mentally and emotionally well” and I was somewhat shocked to see how true this was. There were times that I became very distressed, falling off cliffs only to land right back where I was. Other times I drowned. Every time Ezra died in the game I found myself dying on the inside.

A Struggled To Feel Satisfied

Struggling to find the right words, I told a friend the game was an emotional roller coaster where despite its ups and downs it still was heading downhill. Every time I solve a puzzle I felt satisfied. I felt like I had accomplished something that I thought I would not be able to. The puzzles were always made to seem so daunting and overwhelming. But, much like in real life, that satisfaction felt so quickly ripped away when I was faced with another challenge.

Personal Insight

While The Thin Silence takes about six hours to complete, those six hours felt like an eternity. The game is supposed to be a story of hope. Players were meant to find a sense of purpose and self-acceptance. But perhaps my inability to find them in this game speaks volumes about the obstacles I face struggling with these very feelings in my own life. Feelings that I know on many occasions I have not addressed, feelings I have been silent about.

Much like Ezra, I have pushed away family and people who have tried to help. And while I’m working towards a better place, I could relate to a lot of what this character had to go through. In fact, I am astounded by just how much of a connection I feel with this character and just how well this game captured these difficult feelings and emotions.

If The Game Is So Difficult To Play Why Would You Rate It Good?

Imagine you’re very sick and you go to the doctor. He prescribes you what you can only describe it the most horrific, disgusting tasting medicine and you have to take six doses of it. Sometimes what is good for you does not taste good. Sometimes you have to swallow what’s difficult to swallow because it’s good for you. In a way, The Thin Silence is like that medicine. At times it can be difficult to swallow. But it does what it’s meant to do. The Thin Silence addresses the problems that people dealing with anxiety, depression and PTSD face are head-on in a way no other game has yet.

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