With the rise of Internet technology, the world as we used to know it was gone. The Internet changed the faces of nations by changing our daily habits, routines, priorities, and expenses. Social networks have become more influential than anyone could’ve imagined, rising the voice of those who have never had the chance to be heard.

One such voice was the voice of gamers worldwide. Those who used to be invisible now had the means of joining forces and showing the world what games are all about. And the world loved it. Of course, the technology needed to play the games has become more available thus increasing the numbers of those who became interested in this form of entertainment.

The usual way of playing games and competing among friends was replaced by organizing teams that would challenge one another in front of the audience that grew bigger by the year. And so a new phenomenon was born – eSports.

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What is eSports?

Esports or electronic sports is a competition between multiple teams or individual players using video games. The genres of the video games which are mostly used for competitions are first-person shooter, multiplayer online battle arena, card, real-time strategy, and battle royale.

Originally eSports was organized only between amateur players, However, the popularity of these competitions was constantly on the rise so they used live platforms to reach more audience. Eventually, the gamers got platforms of their own like Twitch and Let’s play, the first being the most used one.

Twitch’s Influence

The popularity of games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike was what paved the way for live platforms to grow into what they are today. But no platform had done for eSports what Twitch did. Not only had Twitch connected the players worldwide into a powerful force, but it also showed all the possible ways how this can be a lucrative new industry like no other.

Only two years after Twitch was founded, it already amassed 45 million unique viewers. In 2015, Twitch had 100 million viewers every month, and by 2020 it already had 3 million regular broadcasters per months and 15 million active users per day. If anything, this only showed how the interest in eSports has been constantly on the rise over the past decade, and Twitch had the main role in this global expansion.

Moreover, Twitch made eSports very accessible to another group of players that in the past were not so interested in computer games…

Esports and The Gambling Industry

Not long after the eSports became globally recognized as competitive games, the gambling industry wanted to become a part of this worldwide trend. Events like League of Legends World Championship and Dota 2’s International seemed like an ideal ground to include bettors. Furthermore, it was also a good way to introduce betting to gaming fans. Nowadays you can place a wager on CS:GO within minutes and put to test your own skills about the game and the players while watching your favourite gameplay unfold. And this is only one example.

Even though eSports are currently facing some problems and criticized for promoting unsocial behaviour and lack of real-life interaction, their true value for the betting industry was shown during the pandemic. When all other events got cancelled, the esports events were still at large, since these events don’t require any gatherings nor proximity. All you need is a good connection and a solid piece of equipment. Also, many basketball and football associations have recently become interested in eSports, and are eager to become part of this new industry.

In Conclusion

It goes without saying that eSports are already part of our history and that we are currently living in the age of gaming events and competitions. With millions of players and even more viewers every day, eSports have proven to be worthy of everyone’s attention, especially those looking for a way to generate more revenue. The interest shown by the sports and gambling industry is the main indicator of the potential that the phenomenon known as eSports has.

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