You’ve heard of Rockstar Games. They are one of the best game developers on the planet. Every new game they come out with is bigger than the last. Grand Theft Auto V, their last game, has stayed in the NPD charts since 2013. Their next game, Red Dead Redemption II, is coming out on Oct. 26, 2018, and every gamer can’t wait. Every game announced for this year has steered away from Red Dead‘s release date.

How does Rockstar Games do it?


Rockstar Games has a big legacy in the history of video games as we know them today. They created Grand Theft Auto which everyone has heard about. It started out with a top-down view. Over the course of three games, ending with Grand Theft Auto 2, it stayed in that style. Being on foot became a part of the game then, but their next game changed everything.

Some consider Grand Theft Auto III to be the first 3D open world game ever made. When people talk about Grand Theft Auto III and what makes it so special, they regard it as the template for what most video games are today. Everything from the design of the open world and its systems to the mechanics are things you can find in every game that has come out since then. Every one of their games since then has affected the industry in some way. Whatever Rockstar does, everyone watches and pays close attention. That’s why everyone freaked out when Rockstar Games changed their Twitter logo to match the aesthetics of Red Dead Redemption. Everyone in the gaming world knew that Rockstar was ready to show something new.


There aren’t a lot of developers that can maintain a good level of consistency. A developer might have one good game but not follow up with their next. Any number of reasons can lead to having a good game or not. Rockstar Games has maintained a level of consistency that some might wish they had. Everything from the graphics to the design of the world is polished. They always take their time with games which results in games with few flaws. Certain mechanics may repeat themselves but they are presented in a different way.

They also learn from what they have done in the past. Something that worked in one game may be present in another. Something that didn’t work may change or get removed which only makes the game better. Another thing that they do very well is the quality of the narrative in their games. Not just the story, but how each world they build reflects the state of the world at the time. They make sure every world they build feels real.

They are also consistent in how they market their games. Red Dead Redemption II has followed the same pattern that Grand Theft Auto V did. Everything they post teases what the story may be about but they put the focus on the world. Every screenshot they release shows the incredible level of detail that they put into their games. It’s one of the things Rockstar does best. They create worlds that you want to get lost in. No one knows how the game plays because we have an idea based on the games prior.


Rockstar Games have earned the sway that they have with video games. What they have accomplished has changed video games into the medium that they are today. They maintain a high level of consistency that others wish they had. Whatever Rockstar Games does next, whenever it comes out, everyone will get excited.

Are you excited for Red Dead Redemption II? What’s your favorite Rockstar game? Who do you consider to be one of the best video game developers? Let us know in the comments below!

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