The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Wishlist

Many gamers are split about the Halloween Terror event of Overwatch and Junkenstein’s Revenge. Out of personal experience, I find it to be a rather engaging horde mode and still is a great PvE mode alongside the Archives. Last year, the only new additions to the event were Symmetra as the Summoner Dragon while the “extra mode” turned the mode into a survival mode while adding in four more heroes. For what little give got, I think it would be great if Junkenstein’s Revenge was an available mode year around rather than for a few weeks in fall.
If you saw the September Developer Update from Jeff of the Overwatch Team, he confirmed there wouldn’t be any big updates to the game mode itself. The focus for Overwatch right now is elsewhere to improve the overall quality of the game rather than the side modes, which is understandable and commendable. Did this hurt the Summer Games? Yeah, but it wasn’t like it was untouched as we got another Lucioball stage. So if can be fair to assume that we could see the same thing too with the Halloween Terror event, and for it to have a few changes and additions to the mode.

What We Can Gather So Far

Overwatch‘s PTR recently had leaked achievements for Halloween Terror 2018 which did show us that the original mode is getting an expansion. We did talk about what these skins could be from our last discussion of Overwatch, so let’s turn our attention to the description of the achievement, The “Six Wanderers.” Complete Junkenstein’s Revenge with six heroes. At the moment, you can‘t complete this in the main mode as there were only four heroes you can play with. Now it would seem like we may get the four heroes from last year carry over into the main mode (and for all we know, more may join in too).
Currently, there are 14 participants in Junkenstein’s Revenge. They are as follows alongside with their skin if they have one for the Halloween Horror Event:
McCree, The Gunslinger (Hellsing)
Soldier 76, The Soldier
Ana, The Alchemist
Hanzo, The Archer
Genji, The Swordsman
Torbjorn, The Viking (same name)
Zenyatta, The Monk (Cultist)
Widowmaker, the Huntress (same name)
Reinhardt, The mode’s Narrator and “Lord of the Castle.”
Junkrat, Dr. Jamison Junkenstien (Same name)
Reaper, The Reaper (Dracula & Pumpkin)
Roadhog, Junkenstein’s Monster (Same name)
Mercy, The Witch of the wilds (Same name)
Symmetra, The Summoner (Dragon)
So while there is a good number of participants in the mode that still leave another 14 characters that can still find their way into the mode. The question is this: How can you implement them in the mode? And what about some characters in the mode that may not have a proper Halloween skin with Junkenstein’s Revenge yet? Let’s dive in and find out how we may expand the Halloween Story and content in Overwatch.

1) Genji, The Swordsman

In The Return of Junkenstein, we read the story of a new group of warriors that would come to protect the castle. Sadly because the mode they were in was the one where Junkenstein breaks into the castle anyway, the story last year likely wasn’t a happy ending.  While Torbjorn and Zenyatta got to use their newly released skins and Widowmaker used Comtesse, Genji got the short end of the stick with nothing special. While we see him with a straw hat and traditional Japanese clothing, we didn’t get much else. Genji needs his own outfit for Halloween, or at least be next in line to get one. Even Soldier 76, Ana and Hanzo got their own skins during the first year, and those were epic skins (which were better than nothing).

Swordsman Genji
From Reddit. Kind of a shame that Genji hasn’t had a Halloween skin yet. Third time’s the charm?

If Genji were to get his own skin for Halloween, the question would then become what it would look like. It’d be nice if there as something special like a “Wandering Ninja Zombie” attire that makes Genji look like he crawled out of his grave (which he did metaphorically). Otherwise, his Halloween attire from the comic would be a nice touch to have. He was a nice wide array of skins to his name, but he deserves to enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Even if he says otherwise.

2) Reinhardt, The Narrator (The Lord of Adlersbrunn)

Lord of Adlersbrunn.png
Stop Narrating and hit something with your hammer!

While Reinhardt has been our storyteller for the two years, we have yet to see “The Lord” himself take up arms to protect his own castle. You could say that as an old lord and he probably couldn’t do so anymore. However, if he’s talking about the defenders and how they would be better off behind his shield, then he should put his money where his mouth is and be a playable character. It would be fun to see the king take up his mighty hammer to charge into battle. Have him use his divine shield to keep others safe from the onslaught of Junkenstein and his army of Zomnics.

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Perhaps the reason Blizzard hasn’t made Reinhardt playable in the mode yet is that he’d be overpowered compared to other heroes. Since there are no tanks in this mode besides Roadhog, Reinhardt could tip the scale in the player’s favor with his abilities. His attacks in-game are good for fighting multiple enemies at one time, so a few swings and he could easily clear up waves of enemies. Meanwhile, there’s no denying that having him charge at an enemy hero and pushing them across the bridge would allow other heroes to catch their breath while turning their attention to protecting the door from Shocktires and Zomnics. Either way though, it’s about time the storyteller gets more involved in his story.

3) Brigitte, the Squire (or the Lord’s Knight)

Image result for brigitte knight skin
The Squire stepped forth in front of the castle gates. She is prepared to defend the castle she calls home.

If we consider Reinhardt’s character unable to protect his own castle, then it would stand to reason that there would be someone else to fight on his behalf. And who better to do so than the Squire who the Lord has trained. Chances are that if Brigitte were to get in the mode, one of her knight attires would be the skin she would have to represent her character. Still, her inclusion as another healer would be of great help for the other heroes she teams up with and a fun alternative to Ana or Zenyatta. It could also stand to reason that our Narrator would also tie The Squire with The Viking and we’d hear Reinhardt’s interpretation of how that would play out.

The other thing we could consider for Brigitte if she was to get her own Halloween outfit would give her a look that would be a middle ground of sorts. Something where she isn’t a full Knight or Squire, but you can see the makings of one. Chances are though that if she were to get a Halloween outfit, she’d probably dress up as a white kitty.  Another story idea could be to make her character as someone who wishes to prove herself on the battlefield although she is untested as far as Reinhardt’s story would say. Either way, whether if she gets into the mode or get her own skin or whichever, she would be a fun addition to Junkenstein’s Revenge.

4) Tracer, The Time Traveler

Related image
From Profsartblog. Putting in some Steampunk into Reinhardt’s story.

If Reinhardt was looking for more wacky character ideas for his story, chances are that Tracer would be happy to help contribute to the cause. Let’s say during the next Halloween event, we meet a girl who traveled from the future to prevent the evils of Dr. Junkenstein from happening. Her attire would differ from everyone else as she could have a “Steampunk” representation. Something that would put Tracer into an “unseeable not-too-distant future” setting as far as the tale would also allow. This could also allow her “technology and innovation” of steam power to be on showcase that granted her power over time (and an explosive pulse bomb).

It would be fun to see Tracer in Junkenstein’s revenge, but one big glaring issue with her would be how she has the lowest health out of everyone in the cast. It’d be an uphill battle for her and it’s would end well if she was the last person standing on her team. She has always been a risky character to use because of her kit, and she would come in handy when it would come to chasing down important targets. If not in the game mode itself, having a “Steampunk Tracer” would still be a fun skin idea for her and could be a fun way to open the door for other Steampunk skins later. Steampunk Torbjorn anyone?

5) Lucio, The Bard

Lucio as the Bard. .. Let's drop the beat
What I love about this one is the small detail on the hat. Well played good sir.

It might be silly to consider someone like Lucio in this mode. In a setting here the most technological person is Junkenstein, you suddenly have a guy on skates that fights off Zomnics with music. Still, if we are looking for more fun ideas while adding in another healer, Lucio could be another great addition. There could be a situation where Lucio’s character would be a wandering Bard to spread his music across the lands when he answers the call to protect the castle. From there, he uses his power of song to blast away enemies while also healing his comrades.

Perhaps Lucio could take a page out of Tracer’s possible character and serve almost as an in-between of the start of Steampunk where we see small advances like his skates and weapons. Either way, in a mode where we don’t have many healers, Lucio would be a welcome addition. Then again, if this was the skin instead for Lucio come Halloween, fans wouldn’t complain.

Image result for overwatch halloween concepts
Really impressive stuff, wouldn’t you say?

I think no one would complain about Lucio if he got this Baron skin. Bonus points if Lucio the Baron getting into the Halloween Event regardless of which side he fights on.

6) Moira, the Vampire

Related image
It’s fun to think that this was her first ever appearance into Overwatch.

So, chances are you thought of this one too before clicking the editorial since she does like to dress up for the occasion. With Moira’s abilities and what she is capable of, it probably wouldn’t appear to be any shock if she joins Team Junkenstein as another monster of the night. We saw a fun glimpse of what this could look like when we did not know who she was back in the Masquerade comic. While it’s doubtful her outfit would be that overelaborate, there’s no denying that she would likely have an elegant look to her; she slowly saps the strength of those who stand against her and The Witch.

Or perhaps, there can be a twist in the tale and have Moira team up with the heroes to defend the castle. Perhaps she has her reasons she’d want to see the Witch fail and sees the castle as a means to an end. She would be with the “Side of Good” when she is on a side of her own that only benefits her. Other ideas have been put out there too for many to consider such as a Banshee skin or even her own Alchemist or Mad Scientist skin. Either way, with this being Moira’s first Halloween event and it is probably a safe bet that a Moira Skin will be coming soon.

Speaking of The Alchemist…

7) Ana, the Alchemist

So far, Ana has two skins already in the Halloween event. She has dressed up like a pirate and a neat-looking epic skin with a Jack-o’-lantern mask. Two great skin ideas, but it bares to the question of why she hasn’t had an Alchemist skin when that would be something right up her alley.

By JasonSmiles
Out of all the suggestions I have made (and will make) for this list, this one would probably be the least likely. Considering the wide range of skins Ana already has, it would be understandable if (like Tracer) she didn’t get as many skins for the upcoming year. That said, I could see Ana with a Plague Doctor mask, or something like it. I always found it weird how she was called “The Alchemist” when there was not much there to connect her with the role. Technically speaking, Moira could also have an “Alchemist Skin” of her own and perhaps she would fit the role better. This is a fun little wish to have for someone could have another sinister attire to her name. Seriously though… Tal, Ghoul, and Snow Owl can be intimidating to look at.

8) Sombra, The Trickster (or The Harlequin)

Image result for overwatch masquerade
The only concern I have about this skin is how Stealth might now work with all those bells attached…

When the Masquerade comic for Doomfist came out, we saw tons of lovely outfits for our Talon cast. What’s unfortunate was that besides “Suit-Wearing” Doomfist we got during the 2nd year anniversary, we haven’t seen many of those skins come to the main game. One of those noteworthy outfits was Sombra dressing up as a harlequin. Before Doomfist came out, Sombra wasn’t really getting that many good-looking skins (depending on who you ask). Fans crossed their fingers that this would have made the cut, but it sadly didn’t. Given the amount of “Lore Skins” that we’ve seen come to the game as of late, perhaps we can see a variant of this made for our lead hacker soon.

Regardless of the attire, she would get, she could also be a fun and annoying enemy to fight in the Halloween event. The way she can work in Junkenstein’s Revenge too as she could harass the heroes by running in and out of a fight using her Stealth. If she gets in close to them, she can hack them, and then fill them full of rounds. Perhaps even enable her the ability to use her ultimate to disable all heroes around her so that Team Junkenstein can have his revenge. Either way, if we are looking to make Junkenstein’s Revenge even harder, Sombra could fit that bill rather nicely.

And I know the idea is being thrown around that she could be the “Bride of Junkenstein,” but I’m kind of leaning towards Zarya to get that role instead. That or give Sombra a “Spectre” skin that makes her look like a Cartoon Reaper.

Anyway, speaking of The Masquerade…

9) Reaper, The Red Death

Image result for overwatch masquerade
Reaper really loves Edgar Allen Poe.

Out of all characters we can assume will get a new legendary skin for Halloween, Reaper is probably the most likely. Of course, it isn’t set in stone either but considering that this event practically revolves around everyone‘s favorite no-reload soldier, it could be a safe assumption to make.

While his pumpkin head was delightful, the Dracula skin was the next logical step for Reaper’s Halloween skins to take. It was a great skin and one I use every now and then when not using Soldier 24. The funny thing about that skin though was at the time before the Halloween event came back, everyone thought Reaper would get the Red Death attire instead. Unlike other skins, Reaper wears the mask he wears is unsettling to stare at since it is more human details than his usual masks.

You wouldn’t need to tie in Reaper’s Red Death to the event since he has plenty of skins already, but it remains one of Reaper’s highly requested skins. If Reaper can quote The Raven, we might as well have him make another reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

10) Doomfist, The Demon

It’s funny to think of just how many characters before Doomfist that came out that had one arm is more powerful than the other. There is even a term established for this kind of character called: “The Right Hand of Doom.” Just by title alone, you know Doomfist makes that list easily. There is one other though that stands at the peak and is the Trope Namer himself: Hellboy and his literal Right Hand of Doom that can usher in Armageddon. While it would be a fun idea to give Doomfist a comic skin like Hellboy or Thanos, Blizzard could consider the addition of an enemy Doomfist that would double almost like The Witch’s bodyguard.

Related image
Would be a fun tribute to Hellboy if Doomfist’s Gauntlet  was made of stone.

Another threat to throw against players can be a demon from the underworld that The Witch calls forth to do her bidding. Some can say Doomfist’s Blackhand skin already looks scary enough, but with the Halloween event, we can go a step further. Supposedly, we could already have this coming soon, and Doomfist can be that fun extra threat that can make Junkenstein’s Revenge a greater challenge. Then again, if Doomfist were on the side of the heroes, that too can be fun to watch. Who knows how well he would work or what skin we would give him (Doomfist as a monk perhaps?), but either way, Doomfist would be a fun addition regardless of which side he fights on.

Wrap Up: Preparing for A Halloween Party

So those were my small wishes for the Halloween Terror event next month. As much fun as it was to write this up, I felt like there was so much more we can cover, but I didn’t want to overflow the list with ideas. Out of all the Events in Overwatch, I love Halloween the most alongside with the Archive Events. The skins we get during this event are the most creative ones we get and the mode itself can be lots of fun too. Would it be better if we had more variety to the event? Certainly, but we will probably need to wait for next year for that to happen.
Now, I know I mentioned the “leaked achievements” at the start with the Six icons earlier. As I said earlier, be sure to read my previous article talking all about the leaked information about the upcoming event to find out what I think these skins might be. I didn’t want to mention those icons again here, since it wouldn’t be as much fun to use those icons as a bouncing off point for ideas to pitch. It is one thing to generate skin ideas for characters, but another of how they could be implemented into Event if at all possible. Both sides continue to grow in numbers and it will be fun to see who jumps in next in this never-ending story of Reinhardt’s.
But what do you think? What skins would you like to see in Overwatch‘s Halloween event? What characters should be in Junkenstein’s Revenge next? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us for more Overwatch articles and other things gaming.

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