woolley mountain

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain has received a playable demo aside a new trailer.

The demo can be accessed on Steam HERE.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a point-and-click adventure inspired by Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. It follows a crew of time travelling audio scientists. Their mission is to find, then save a group of children from an evil witch on Woolley Mountain.

The game boasts a colorful world populated by beasts, witches, automatons, ropemen and other strange beings. Above all, there’s family content and humor for all ages. The story sees the five scientists travel in their time-travelling Crystal Submarine.

Ron Gilbert, the designer/creator of Monkey Island, helped pledge towards the game’s Kickstarter. Above all, it’s a major vote of confidence that one of the genre legends believes in the game.

The game will release this spring for Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

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