Re:Zero finally got it’s second season a little while ago, bringing us more of the chaotic goodness that is Re:Zero. There are many powerful characters in Re:Zero, but out of five, who is the most powerful?

5) Natsuki Subaru

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Natsuki Subaru, often referred to just as Subaru, is the main character of Re:Zero. As such, it would be expected for him to be the most powerful character. However, that is not the case. In fact, it is much the opposite in this case. Subaru is one of the weakest characters in terms of physical strength. He lacks the innate ability to cast magic, he is inexperienced in sword combat, but he can pull off some pretty crazy hand-to-hand combat moves, so I’ll give him that.

Instead of relying on strength, Subaru oft relies on his intellect to get out of problems, by utilizing knowledge learnt upon death, he gets himself out of the problems he always finds himself in.

4) Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti

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Betelgeuse was the major antagonist of season one. While he may not look too powerful, Betelgeuse was the Archbishop sin of Sloth, and as such he certainly caused a fair amount of trouble for Subaru and his friends. Like when he made Rem play twister. Remember that?

3) Julius Juukulius

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Julius Juukulius, usually referred to as Julius, is Subaru’s rival for much of season 1, in the sense that they.. don’t really get along. At the same time, they do. While Subaru and Julius’ relationship is confusing as hell, Julius is a pretty powerful character, having proven strong enough to kill Betelgeuse later on in season 1.

2) Reinhart von Astrea (Source: White Fox)

Now we’re really talking in terms of power. Reinhart von Astrea, otherwise known as the Sword Saint, is an incredibly powerful person. He wields a sword that can literally shoot explosive rays of light at people. He is also one of the only characters in the show to be able to go head-to-head with Elsa Granhiert without sustaining any major injury or dying. In fact, Reinhart is one of the only characters to successfully force Elsa to retreat during a battle. Most characters face certain death when going up against Elsa, but Reinhart was able to secure victory. Elsa is going to definitely have a run for her money when Reinhart (hopefully) shows up later on in season two.

1) Roswaal L. Mathers(Source: White Fox)

Roswaal L. Mathers, often referred to just as Roswaal, is the owner of the Roswaal Mansion that Subaru spends most of his time at. While we have not seen Roswaal fight to his full potential, I imagine that a person such as him would be incredibly powerful. He did manage to secure a contract with Beatrice, another incredibly powerful character.

Honorable mentions: Felix (Magic armor and incredible prowess with healing magic), Crusch (explosive sword), Felt (can go fast), Willhelm (Older Reinhart, basically) Rem (Demon mode), Ram (El Fura)

Do you agree or disagree with my list (and my honorable mentions?) What would your top five of the most powerful Re: Zero characters be? Let me know in the comments!

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