Level creator games are certainly nothing new. The fact that sequels to Super Mario Maker, Dragon Quest Builders, and Minecraft were featured during this year’s E3 is proof enough of that. But I’d argue that not even the era of Little Big Planet stoked the flames of popularity of the genre quite like Mario Maker. With its sequel on the way to a system people actually wanted to buy, what does the future hold for level creator games? What could it have been?

Image provided by Nintendo’s site for Mario Maker 2

Now Is The Era Of Platforming Level Creators

I, myself, am a reasonable fan of the genre of level building. Not a huge fan, but I had my time in the genre. I’ve started work on an RPG Maker game that I never finished, was a huge fan of Little Big Planet, and with Mario Maker on its way to the Switch, I may actually play it sometime. Some people love to create levels and scenarios. Some people just like to play levels other people create. And sometimes (as in the case of Minecraft), a creation tool can spark an entire generation of kids and teens. Never the less, the creation genre speaks to many different types of people. And with gaming on the internet having never been quicker and easier, now is the perfect time for the genre.

One can’t really argue that the genre ever really went away. After all, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Sim City let you create scenarios to play out decades ago. However, Super Mario Maker had me excited for the popularity of platforming level creators returning. And Super Mario Maker 2 has me even more jazzed that the popularity of platforming level creators is maintaining.

But There Was Another…

For me personally, March 2011 was a heartbreaking time in gaming. A level creator that I was looking forward to was cancelled. I was looking forward to this game more than any Mario Maker ever could, because it featured my favorite platforming star of all time: Mega Man.

Capcom ad for Mega Man Universe

You may vaguely recall that in 2010, a platforming level creator known as Mega Man Universe was announced. Think Mario Maker but with Mega Man. Rumors had it that you would’ve been able to control everything from the style of Mega Man game to the look of your player created character to the power ups to even the stats of your fully customizable playable character.

I say fully customizable stats because you didn’t only control what your character looked like, you also controlled how hard your many weapons hit and how high he or she could jump. This would change the game to the point where you could truly do anything you wished.

But Wait! There’s More!

Initially, you may assume that the Mario Universe is more versatile than Mega Man, but it’s not. It was called Mega Man UNIVERSE for a reason. It was supposed to have characters from all over the Capcom Universe. The trailer even featured Ryu from Street Fighter and Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts.

Capcom Ad For Mega Man Universe

I suppose I just regret that this game never came to fruition. With Super Mario Maker 2 just around the corner, why shouldn’t Mega Man Universe return? Come on, Capcom! It would be amazing!

But what do you think? Should Capcom revive this long since dead game? What games would you like to see be made into a level creator? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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