Developer XSeed updated The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I and II yesterday on Steam and Humble Bundle. The update added a number of new features and graphical improvements to both games and their DLCs.

Trails of Cold Steel
The most notable of these features is Japanese voice acting. Previously, western players were only to hear the English dubs of character dialogue. Now, they can hear the banter between Rean and his classmates in its original Japanese dialect. If you’re not into Japanese, though, XSeed added more than 100 new lines of English dialogue to the first game. This does not apply to the second game, however.

Aside from voice acting, both games upped the ante on graphical fidelity. There’s now an option to add a higher resolution UI font, making subtitles and descriptions easier to read. Technical users can now natively load modded textures to characters and objects in the environment. This should make the customization process slightly easier for modders. Finally, the first game got some light and shadow enhancements, making softer shadows a bit more stable when the camera rotates.

Trails of Cold Steel

To celebrate this update’s release, both of the Red Steel games and their DLC packs are 30-40% off on Humble Bundle and Steam. If you’re a fan of traditional JRPGs, or newer ones like Persona 5, we highly recommend you look into both of these games; they’re currently at an “overwhelmingly positive” user rating on Steam. And with the release of this new update, there’s been no better time to jump in!

The Red Steel sale ends on November 12, so be sure to jump on it as quickly as you can. For more on RPGs, be sure to check out Culture of Gaming’s list of the top 50 RPGs of all time.

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