The Last of Us Part II: Trailer Takeaways

PlayStation and Naughty Dog released a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II. With it, new snapshots at what the actual game will look like and what the players can expect to experience. In CoG, we take a dive into The Las of Us Part II trailer and give our takeaways.


Despite being postponed (twice), unwanted leaks, and controversy, The Last of Us Part II remains as, arguably, one of the most anticipated games ever. PlayStation and Naughty Dog released a new trailer, which gives fans snapshots of what the game will be like. While the trailer itself does not reveal anything major, it is worth taking a dive into it.

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As Ellie goes down the road of revenge, there will be consequences for her actions. Ellie was not necessarily all sweet and innocent in the first game, but what the audience is about to see will surely be a different character. Something has been done to her, and now, she is out to get revenge.

In the trailer, Joel states, “there’s a cost.” This heeds as a warning, more than advice to Ellie. This implies that Joel may have gone down the same path at some point and knows that there is more to lose than to gain. Therefore, Ellie’s actions are bound to have more consequences than she could ever foresee.

It is still unclear what traumatic events Ellie will go through in her journey to “kill every last one of them.” What is certainly clear is that there will be a ripple effect to everything she does. While some consequences, she may be okay and accepting with, others will be out of her control and beyond her imagination.

It is hard to imagine anything more traumatic than the events of the first game. But Naughty Dog has become experts at those dark and unbearable moments that make everyone’s stomach’s turn as their jaws drop. Therefore, many events are bound to take place that will make Ellie question if the price paid was worth it.



The Last of Us, as its name implies, has always been about loneliness. Trying to survive in a world where everything and everyone will kill you. However, that was circumstantial and, therefore, imposed. In Part II, loneliness seems to be a choice.

Since Ellie has settled in Jackson, with Tommy and Joel, she has formed a family like circle, along with the other residents. But the path of revenge involves walking on it alone. A perfect example of this is Jesse’s conversation with Ellie stating, “I want what you want. But not at any cost. I really hope you make it.”

This conversation leaves us to believe that, at the beginning of the journey, Ellie will have help. But things are bound to get far too dangerous and complex. Leaving Ellie to make the decision to pursue revenge by herself. Moreover, she also seems to walk away from Joel in other scenes. Therefore, implying that Ellie wants to go down this path while distancing herself from everyone.

The world of The Last of Us is already unforgiving and unfair. At first, Ellie was alone because of the state of the world. Now, she is alone by choice, and adding this extra layer of complexity will have a dramatic impact on the game.



In Part II, violence will be much more explicit and detailed. The theme of the game has changed from trying to survive and avoid encounters, to pursuing dangerous moments. This means that Ellie is not just running into trouble; she will actively make it happen.

In the trailer, one can notice the increase in on-on-one attacks between Ellie and other characters as she stabs, cuts, and slashes violently through people. The scenes include more blood, more screaming, and facial expressions, which make the heart of the matter much more intense.

One can also see Ellie threatening to kill individuals at gunpoint and even taking a hostage while surrounded by enemies. Lastly, the game doesn’t shy from showing Ellie getting hurt. While in the first game, the most intense scene Ellie went through was with David, one can be sure that a lot will happen to her in this game. From torture at knife and gunpoint to getting beaten with a rifle and so on. These moments will increase the intensity of the game and make players understand Ellie’s pain.


The Feels

If there is anything this game will surely make you feel is, well, the feels. This, by no means, looks to be a happy game. That’s because it was never meant to be. And in the trailer, Ellie is seen in emotional pain several times. Some in disbelief that she is alone once again, others where she is crying in front of Joel, and lastly, where she is crying under the rain with her face covered in blood.

It is somewhat scary to even think about what will happen in these scenes. Nevertheless, it is all part of the experience, and what The Last of Us is all about. May that be a conversation, a traumatic event, or the death of a character. All of the mentioned moments will have a meaningful impact on players and deliver a low metaphoric punch to the gut.

The Last of Us Part II is set to release on June 19th. While there have been controversies surrounding the game, with this trailer, the anticipation has only increased.


Thank you for reading, and we hoped you enjoyed our takeaway on the trailer. Let us know what you think about the trailer in the comments below. For more The Last of Us content, click here. And to watch the trailer, click here. 

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