The Last of Us 2 State of Play – Everything you need to know

Playstation presented another State of Play in a short period of time. This time it was about the much anticipated game, The Last of Us Part II. Here at Culture of Gaming, we break down the State of Play; reviewing the new gameplay, new story scenes, and things missed. So here we go, if you want no spoilers, this is a Last of Us 2 State of Play deep dive.


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New Gameplay

The State of Play delivers on new details of The Last of Us Part II. The audience is shown several new key aspects of the game with, once again, multiple seasons throughout the game. This means that the players will deal with all of the corresponding environment challenges each entails. From snow storms, to rainy environments that flood entire areas of cities. In the case of rain and water certain areas will have to be traveled by boat. Such new additions will make the gameplay far more dynamic and interesting.

Furthermore, one can see new details of the cities and how they are structured. But more importantly, this gives light as to how Ellie will navigate the new environments. May that in the city, on its outskirts, Ellie can now make jumps in order to entirely avoid confrontation or find an angle to attack. Ellie can also swim, which allows for different stealth approaches. Meaning, if there are too many enemies on land, and the option is available, the player can now swim away to a different areas.

On the more technical side, new crafting recipes and abilities are available. This will depend on the player themselves as to whether, they want to have an offensive, or defensive approach. One can now craft proximity mines, pistole suppressors and other undiscovered items. One important detail is that each attack attracts opponents. While this is not new, the new environments allow for further maneuvering, as well as new forms of attack. On that same note, the new pistole silencer is able to take out opponents with one or two shots, depending on the aim. Which gives a considerable advantage when it comes to long range attacks.

Another aspect is hearing the conversations of enemies. This is has been greatly improved, as human enemies do not just talk about find you and killing you. This makes the game far more surreal as one is choosing to kill those whom, like Ellie, have a life and significant others outside the confrontation. Most of these enemies will most likely be of two factions, WLF or SCAR. These two groups are currently fighting for the territory of Seattle. The WLF is a militia like group with uses more military style weapons and tactics. Meanwhile, SCAR is more of a religious group and focus on stealth killing. However, make no mistake, both seem equally dangerous.

If the human threat was not enough, it is confirmed that infected will be more dangerous. The runners, clickers, stalkers and the shambler. One would think that more dangerous infected is enough. But, no, as Neil Druckman states that there is still a far more dangerous class than the rest. But, obviously that will have to wait until the game comes out.

Lastly, there seems to be no mercy when it comes to this game. Killing the guard dogs was already on the plate. But, for the first time, we can see that it ispossible to burn them. While this sounds ruthless on every angle, it exemplifies the theme of the game. Surely, burning any being in this game is one of the softer ways to get rid of them.

New Story Scenes

The State of play turns into a monologue by Joel and his decision over rescuing Ellie from the Fireflies. His tone implies regret by saying “I don’t know what happened.” Meaning, that he understood what the Fireflies were about to accomplish, a cure for humanity if not for his actions. Nevertheless, he reflects on his own thoughts and doubles down on the facts that “they would have killed her.” This monologue alone puts into words his feeling for Ellie. But it also shows the emotional depth of the game.

When the gameplay starts, one can see Ellie navigating, what seems to be Seattle. In here, she goes from the inside of a building, to a completely flooded area where Ellie is forced to swim and avoid encounters with the WLF. Ellie proceeds to swim to a building and manages to encounter a person given her back to the water. After surfacing and pointing a knife at her throat, Ellie asks if she knows someone by the name of Nora. After the hostage responds, she tries to stab Ellie, but she loses.

Ellie can now swim as she is seen going through a drowned area of a city. She can stealth from the water into land, and get their opponents. Ellies asks for a girl named Nora before she kills the person under interrogation. You can hear enemies’ personal stories and their concerns over SCARS getting closer to their territory,

She explores the city while being attacked by members of the ALF. In the gameplay, most of the movement and kills are done stealthily with a silencer, bow, or knife. More importantly, bombs and fire bombs are not just used to kill, but also as a distraction to get away from enemies in order to attack from other franks.

Ellie then enters a building, and instead of going door through door, she goes through an air conditioning vent. As she moves forward, Ellie sees members of the WLF talking to a woman, Nora. After a discussion, the mistirous woman goes into a room by herself, and that is where Ellies ambushes here. She finds Nora and asks “you remember me?”  but then responds to ther own question “Yeah, you remember me.” Which concludes the new show of gameplay.

The Last of Us Part II

Things Missed

The narrator, Neil Druckman, states that Ellie lives on her own while in Jackson. Although this may no mean much, it does imply that she doesn’t live with Joel. Although this may seem unimportant, it can also be viewed as another brick in the dramatic tale of the story. More specifically, the relationship between Joel and Ellie has been cracked by the events that transpired in the first game. This will surely make their interaction more impactful and meaningful.

Second, and very subtle, are Druckman’s words regarding new classes of infected. That’s right, there may not be just one new class, but more, which promise to be more deadly than the rest. It is hard to think that there are infected more dangerous than the shambler, but nothing is impossible in this world.

Lastly, Ellie will have different companions throughout the game. Some of the companions seen in the gameplay are Dina and Jesse. But it is hard to imagine that Joel won’t be part of it. During combat one can also use a particular tactic, pinning opponents against each other. One can assume this works with infected vs. human only. But the ability to do so allows for less confrontations and more chances of survival.


That was our look at The Last of Us 2 State of Play!

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