The Growing Trend of IoT Devices

Many of the tools that we use today have gone digital. We live in a time where we are surrounded by wireless devices, also known as IoT, or internet of things. What many people think when they hear about connected devices are laptops, mobile phones, personal computers and TVs. While these devices are more prominent, there are new devices that get connected to the internet, devices that have not even been considered before. Some examples would be home devices such as a coffee machine, refrigerator, smart doors, audio appliances, as well as wearables such as smartwatches.

Increasing Number of IoT Devices

The internet of things has brought with it a new era of connectivity, intelligent decision making and automation that can greatly benefit people as a whole, especially in the medical field. For example, a wearable device that helps to monitor a person’s heart rate, calories burned and other basic information. The number of IoT devices and appliances will continue to grow in 2020 with a forecast made by the International Data Corporation that says that there will be about 41 billion connected devices by 2024 that will be using about 80 zettabytes of data. Most of the data is generated by surveillance, mostly video, however, other areas such as medical and industrial will generate large amounts of data over time as well.

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Surveillance and security are key areas that greatly benefit from IoT devices. Casinos, for example, can be able to reduce the number of surveillance employees and make more use of security devices such as smart cameras that can monitor the room more efficiently. Individual slot machines can also make use of smart cameras and overall, they will greatly improve the security. Integration of the online gaming platform and land-based casinos is one of the major ways of how the IoT can revolutionize casino gaming. Casino game developers can track and analyze a user’s experience with a particular game from which they can learn how the player interacts with their games. The challenge is to balance the collecting of data with the user’s privacy.

While gambling in a land-based casino is still strong, casino games that can be played online such as Sizzling Hot are growing each day as more and more people are accessing the internet. Mobile games have been around for a long time and the Internet of Things has only accelerated their development and adoption by the masses. More possibilities are now available to make these mobile games more enjoyable and has changed some of the ways that people are now enjoying video games. For example, gambling can be done online via a casino platform that can be downloaded as an application on the phone and players can choose which game they want to play.

The concept of IoT is a trend nowadays. This is due to the increased usage of smartphones and the ability to turn it into a remote to control other devices, turning the phone into a universal controller. It can be used to open the garage door, turn on the air conditioner, control audio appliances, turn on the lights and of course, a TV remote. These are just a few examples of the many things that could be done using IoT devices. With so many devices connected, it is also essential to secure them properly. Just like locking the front door to secure a home, the Wi-Fi router that is used to interconnect all the devices can be secured.

Basic Security Tips

It’s the little things that should not be ignored. After a new Wi-Fi router has been installed, immediately change its name and password. When setting up the network, be sure to use the proper encryption method such as WPA2.  Passwords should be complex and long,  made with different characters including letters, numbers and symbols. The name of the router should not be ignored and it should be changed to something unusual so that it is not correlated with anything personal. IoT devices come with default security and privacy settings. Be sure to review them and disable any features that are not being used as well as keeping these devices up-to-date with the latest features.

Routers meant for IoT devices allows the possibility of creating multiple networks, each of them for different devices with different purposes. For example, the network used for connecting primary devices such as laptops, phones and computers should be on a separate network than that of home appliances. The logic behind this strategy is to minimize an attacker’s access to other devices. For example, if someone has access to a smart home device, the hacker does not have access to more important and personal devices such as a phone because it’s on a separate network. The feature used to do this is called micro-segmentation, a feature that the admin can use to create virtual networks (VLANs). These VLANs will behave as independent networks even though the same router is being used to create and manage them.

Final Thoughts

Moderation is the key, especially when adopting these devices for the first time. They contain a staggering amount of personal information that could be stolen if no precautions are being taken. The internet of things is expected to improve the everyday lives of people, making the regular everyday devices that they use smarter. However, because we are still at the beginning of adopting this new trend, many of us do not have a full understanding of the vulnerabilities of a network to which many devices are connected. The place to ensure data privacy is to take into account and not skip the most basic precaution and move to more advanced safety measures from there.

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