What is the E3 expo?

The E3 expo (Electronic, Entertainment, Expo) is a massive event for consumers and game journalists who want the latest and greatest news about upcoming video games. Studios, large and small, show up with demos, sneak peeks, and upcoming games for users to test to their heart’s content.

E3 has been the birthplace of many legendary studios. In fact, CD Project Red started promoting the Witcher 3 at a small one or two-person booth at E3 years ago.

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How Did E3 Start?

E3 came to be during the late ’90s when the video game industry was taking over the world. During the early days of video game trade shows, game companies would attend general electronics trade shows like CES to sell wholesale to retailers. However, they always got pushed to the back.

Before E3 came to be, video game companies attempted to lobby for better placement with the consumer electronics association directors who ran CES. Unfortunately, those negotiations failed, leaving game companies frustrated.

The following year, Pat Ferrell and the International Data Group (IDG) created E3 and convinced several prominent video game studios to present. However, CES had finally relented and offered several larger companies major spots during their next event. After intense negotiations, CES agreed to ax their proposal, and E3 was born.

How Does the E3 Expo Work?

E3 is made up of a couple of different components. First, for a live E3 expo, there’s an event floor where publishers set up booths and live demos. Second, there’s a presentation hall where publishers can host Q&As, presentations, gameplay videos, and game announcements.

Third, you can tune into presentations via the E3 expo live stream.

So, in a typical year, you would be able to purchase an expo ticket for the day you wanted to attend and pick up an E3 expo schedule with presentations, demos, etc., listed. After attending the presentations you want to see, you’re free to roam around the floor where you can discover the next big indy game or play the latest in AAA titles.

Cosplay is encouraged, but you certainly don’t have to come dressed up. Most importantly, have fun looking at all of the games you’ll be able to play during the coming year.

How Can You Attend E3 in 2021?

Despite pressures from the pandemic economy, E3 will be taking place in 2021. However, instead of stadium seating, in-person game demos, and other perks, E3 will be hosted digitally.

Much of E3’s programming will remain the same. You’ll still be able to tune into launch announcements, listen to industry speeches from studios, and discover developers like GameMine that you didn’t know about before.

Demos, on the other hand, are still being hotly debated. There’s no consensus on whether demos will be done with a live playthrough if participants will actually interact with the games on display. If studios don’t get behind the idea, demos might not even happen at all.

Regardless, E3 will proceed in its new digital format. 2021’s E3 expo dates will be between June 15th and June 17th.

Don’t Miss the Action

If you care about video games or think that you want to support the gaming industry, we encourage you to tune in during 2021. There are sure to be tons of great presentations, events, and Q&As for you to listen in on.

To learn more about gaming events and culture, be sure to check out the rest of our articles, even if they’re not specifically about the E3 expo.

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