A wonderful aspect of living in 2019 is that there are so many games to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports fan. Nor does it matter if you’re a fan of the shooting genre, or if you like to kick it old school with a decent 2D or 3D platformer. Choice is a wonderful thing. It’s all yours. I’m an adult with a pretty decent library of games. I can’t help being reminded of being a child with limited options for gaming. It wasn’t so bad either.

When your only source of income is a weekly allowance for doing chores, the amount of games that you can buy are limited. Gift giving holidays such as your birthday or Christmas mean that you are more likely to get a game that you like. Maybe your parents don’t like your choices in games. Maybe they left you to buy games at your own risk. Either way, games for your system of choice were limited.


The Beauty of Limited Choice

Don’t misunderstand me. This is not a pining for days with more limited choices, but there is a certain beauty in having your favorite games be your only games. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve beat Turtles In Time on the SNES sitting beside my best friend.

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I can’t describe the amount of wonder felt while reading Nintendo Power and discovering a game for the Nintendo 64 called Super Smash Brothers. Saving up my money for that game and then beating my friend’s Pikachu with my Link is joy that one can never relive. It doesn’t matter how many characters they add to the series.

The Wonder Of Limited Renting

I have to be honest. Some of my favorite old-school games today are not games that I actually owned as a child, but rented instead. I remember being a little kid and my reward for going through with a scary booster shot was to play Mega Man X for a weekend. I discovered weird titles I would never want to buy, as a kid. Beetle Adventure Racing comes to mind.

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It’s Different For Everyone

I found myself inspired to write this after realizing just how many games I have, and just how many games I have yet to beat. So easily, nowadays, I find myself very rarely going back to a newer game, once I beat it. I envy speedrunning communities that put importance on mastering a game over and over. Other people love their MMORPG that they picked up years ago. Heck, some gamers love Fortnite or Minecraft to death.

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That’s what I’m ultimately realizing. The era of the 2D and 3D platformer was during my formative years. Fortnite, Final Fantasy XIV, and Minecraft exist in the time of someone else’s formative years. When they inevitably lose their relevance, others will look at gaming the same way I do about my old games. It may benefit me to once in a while go back to a game I loved. I don’t have to play the hottest new game. I think I will.

But what do you think? What your favorite game growing up? Have you played it recently? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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