Gaming can be a difficult thing to navigate at times. It’s easy to get stuck in difficult parts of games. To not know the solution to tricky puzzles or even struggle to navigate obtuse level design. These are all difficulties that all gamers share, especially when playing the same game. So it would be logical to think that gamers would be mindful and understanding of their colleagues and help anyway they can.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case and gaming communities as a collective have a marred reputation thanks to negative examples of community interaction. Games with a competitive online presence tend to suffer from aggression, abuse and toxic behavior in their ranks. Games like but not exclusive to, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fifa or Hearthstone. Due to these franchises boasting a massive competitive following with ranks and reputation at stake. Tempers can flare and from that comes the negative behavior within their player base.

‘Toxic’ Gamers

Through these ‘toxic’ communities having public instances of their player base coming to blows. The general view of gaming communities in the media is a poor representation of the gaming collective. Examples that have done nothing to help gaming’s community representation are the hearthstone communities racial abuse towards competitive player Terrence Miller or the general sexist overtones of everything tied to Riot games, including the player base. If you need the info regarding their most recent lawsuit, we have you covered.  Through these games and their public displays, gaming has developed a reputation in the media as a collective of toxic people.

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However, there are games and their players bases that offer a shining beacon of what gaming communities can and should be. These communities act as a collective to discuss, create, help, share and engage pleasantly with one another. Providing a safe space for beginners and elite players alike.

With that in mind. We wanted to provide a list of the best and most wholesome gaming communities on offer. So they get the credit they deserve as ambassadors of the cohesive and pure community gaming experience.

Honorable mentions go to the communities belonging to Slime rancher, Classic Runescape, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Minecraft

The Stardew Valley Community

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When the game in question is as wholesome as Stardew Valley is. It’s hardly a surprise that the community is a fantastic example of togetherness, thoughtfulness and brimming with creativity. Within this community you will often see players struggling to come to grips with the control scheme, finding unique details in the game that they don’t understand or just wondering what is the best way to lay out their crops.

Thankfully, the members of this community are on hand to deliver advice and help to their newbies. Not only that, but often players showcase their achievements and creative ventures in game and are met with an abundance of praise by community members. This may be a creative house arrangement, a cute name for a chicken or beating the notoriously difficult Journey Of The Prairie King mini game. Members also regard developer Eric Barone as a deity and it’s easy to see why with what hes has created and continues to offer to players. More on that in a previous article surrounding solo developed games. Overall, a community that matches the tone of the game perfectly.

Community: R/stardewvalley

The Souls-Borne Community

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This may come as a surprise to many not involved directly with this community. Perhaps due to the difficult and punishing nature of the game. The ‘Git gud’ memes or the hilariously placed messages in game urging players to launch themselves towards perilous drops. yet despite this, the community for these games is a tight knit and positive one. Which is always on hand to help players on their journey through the harsh From Software created Landscapes.

Players will often fins themselves constantly dying because, well, it’s a Souls-borne game. So if a player is in need of an ally to team up with and battle a boss together. They are seemingly always available to lend their sword to newer, less experienced players. So yes, there are memes that suggest players need to get good to beat these titles. Though there is always help to get better if you seek it.

Community: R/darksouls, R/bloodborne, R/demonsouls  

The Kerbal Space Program Community

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A game that consists of using logic and reasoning, along with a large amount of trial and error. All in the aim of sending cute little aliens into space. A simple and wholesome concept coupled with a difficult task to complete. It’s very easy to get frustrated with this game. At times, your best made plans and countless hours of planning and methodical building can lead to nothing. So, it’s great to see that this title has a group of fantastic individuals on hand to swap ideas with.

Not only that but this game offers a unique sense of accomplishment through completing your mission. Thankfully the community react to these acts of improvisation, careful planning and brilliant skill and creativity with praise and good wishes. It’s a great space to hang out, connect with other space frog enthusiasts and serves as a great example of the fantastic players of the Kerbal series.

Community: R/kerbalspaceprogram

The No Man’s Sky Community

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If you’d have said that No man’s Sky in 2020 would have a dedicated community of players that are devoted to this franchise, I would have laughed you out of town. The catastrophe that was Hello Games’ build up and release of the most ambitious game perhaps ever. Led to a mass of players disappointed, underwhelmed and seeking refunds. However, since then Hello Games has been hard at work to justify the AAA price tag at day of release. They have done this by releasing free patches to loyal players and through this, has created a genuinely fully fleshed out and interesting game environment.

Thanks to new excitement of new features such as base building and customization options. Not to mention the procedurally generated worlds offering unique views for all players. The community is a hub for players to share their own unique discoveries and journeys across the near infinite galaxies of No Mans Sky. This positive community is likely the product of only the loyalest players to remain from launch. Those that genuinely loved the game despite it’s shortcomings. So one can only hope that this continues as more and more players flock back to this title.

Community: R/nomansskythegame

The W.O.W Community

Then finally, we have arguably the most prominent and well populated online community of the 2000’s era and beyond. This world renowned MMORPG took the world by storm in the 2000’s. Seeping into popular culture and the hearts of gamers everywhere. It was the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming on a massive scale and offered players the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals across the globe. It even garnered enough acclaim to get the South park satire treatment.

Through this mass appeal, one might have thought that the community would have perhaps turned sour. However, it’s quite the contrary. Time and time again WOW has delivered moments of pure wholesome joy to those in and outside of the games community. Moments like the famous Leroy Jenkins video or the mass group of players that flocked back to the classic WOW in troves to bask in the nostalgia.

Basking In The Nostalgia 

When they did this, one might have assumed it would be a mass free for all to race through the initial areas of the game and the quests that accompany these areas. However, players formed orderly queues to collect quest items. Enjoyed the company of other orcs, trolls and wizards alike and showcased one of the most wholesome displays within gaming perhaps ever. This community has shown itself on so many occasions to be a prime example of what gaming with others should be and continues to do so long after it’s initial release, which is a testament to the game and it’s players.

Community: R/Wow

So that’s our list of the most wholesome gaming communities. What are the communities that we missed? Are you involved in any fantastic gaming communities? Are there any communities you wish would follow the example of the games above? Let us know in the comments. Also if you love content like this, why not check out our lists on Sequels that didn’t live up to their hype. Or Games so good that they don’t need sequels! As always, thanks for reading COG!

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