The first raid for The Division 2, Operation Dark Hours is, to say the least, a little challenging. When the endgame activity hit the game it took the first team 5 hours on PC to finally finish the monstrous task. Console players could only wish it was that easy. It wasn’t complete until days later, with the first team on PS4 taking 36 hours, the second team clocked in at 20 and the Xbox leaderboards show a team beating it in 17 hours. Both PC and console players have shortened these times with PC players being able to complete the raid in around 20 minutes and console players taking a few hours.

Most players find the raid to be needlessly difficult and tedious and are holding out hope for developers Ubisoft to tweak the raid’s difficulty and for a time it looked like they might. On a Reddit post asking why the game, more specifically the raid, is so heavily favoured towards DPS builds, community manager Ubi-Johan stated:

“With almost an infinite amount of possible builds in the game, this process takes time. Your suggestions are invaluable to continue improving game balance and build diversity. It is important that we take the time to properly analyze data and take a deep look at suggestions in order to avoid making “kneejerk” changes that might shift the balance too far in one direction”.

Many believe this lack of role diversity is a problem for the raid in general, with others saying the cause for console players problems is frame rate issues and controller limitations. It appears console players will still have a tough time beating the raid with Community developer Chris Gansler stating on The Division 2 State of Play Stream: “I’ve seen people take a message from Johan saying ‘the door’s open for changes’ – we’re always open to changes,” Gansler said. “We know that the dev team is very passionate about the game. If the community is giving us the feedback that something is not how they like it, we’re not afraid to do changes. At the moment, for the raid specifically, we don’t plan any balance changes right now.”

It looks like console players are just going to have to grit their teeth and get that DPS up if they have any chance of beating the raid, especially with Ubisoft showing no sign of changing difficulty just yet.

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