Ubisoft has just announced that The Division 2 will be getting a new specialisation in its latest patch, Title Update 4.

The Division 2’s newest update adds an extra specialisation to the game, the ‘Gunner’, as well as a new Riot Foam Grenade, P320 Compact Pistol, and the Banshee Pulse Skill Mod.

The ‘Gunner’ wields the Minigun, has Riot Foam as its special grenade, and gets an exclusive Pulse Variant to the Banshee skill. The Minigun offers short but massive bursts of damage and an armour bonus, but its drawbacks are that you cannot fire it behind cover and when drawn it disables roll and sprint.

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How to Unlock the ‘Gunner’ Specialisation

To gain access to the new ‘Gunner’ specialisation players will need to undertake something called Special Field Research, five stages of in-game challenges, completing them all. Each challenge will have its own objectives and rewards.

Those with the Division 2 Year 1 Pass will instantly unlock the new specialisation. They will also be able to complete the Special Field Research challenges, receiving additional exclusive cosmetic rewards; such as emotes, dyes, skins and clothing.

Other Additions to Title Update 4

This wasn’t the only thing added with Title Update 4 however as numerous systems have been reworked, changes have been made for quality of life purposes, alongside mission and general bug fixes. Highlighting the patch notes are:

Skill Tree Rework –

  • skill trees for sharpshooter, demolitionist and survivalist have been extended to cater for all weapon archetypes.
  • new way to get signature weapon ammo, the Ammo Bar, has been added.

Mod System –

  • overhaul of the how the mod system functions – generic mods are unable to be equipped on high-end, gear set and exotic itemss.


The update is available now on all platforms that support The Division 2; Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

The full list of Patch Notes can be found here.




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