The original Evil Within had some of the most memorable boss encounters of any horror game. After spending around an hour in the dark with The Evil Within 2, I can comfortably say that these great encounters will continue.

I started off in Sebastian’s office, a familiar area for those who played the first game. A new addition to the office is the shooting gallery. Here you will be able to hone your shooting and gain some additional green gel to upgrade Sebastian.

I spent most of my points into health and stamina upgrades, but the skill tree seems to be much larger this time around. There is a stealth option that I didn’t explore, but could be an interesting way to play. From the demo I played, stealth didn’t seem like a viable option and I opted for a more damage dealing approach.

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I highly recommend upgrading the reticle sway immediately. I tested some shooting without it and my aim was jittering around the screen. It seems like a very forced way to create tension and some missed shots, I felt forced to put some points into the ability to have any decent aim.

I also beefed up my shotgun and sniper rifle to do some serious damage. Scavenged weapon parts will help upgrade everything from damage to reload speed.

I was told there would be an extremely hard fight right away, so after upgrading my weapons I ventured toward Town Hall to take on my first boss in The Evil Within 2.

The fight takes place at the very beginning of chapter 5 and due to the game crashing once I skipped a cutscene.

Fortunately, I didn’t have too much of a hard time with the boss, thanks to one very simple technique; running away. By far the best technique was luring the golem into various traps in the environment. Spilled gas from a nearby destroyed van engulfed the monster in flames while I peppered it with bullets for extra damage. There were also some conveniently place trip wires, once activated would encase an area in a bubble of slow motion. Once she tripped the wire I sat back and ripped into her with bursts of buckshot.

Sebastion’s trusty crossbow also makes its return. With the ability to equip it with multiple types of ammo ranging from flash bolts to explosive bolts makes it the most versatile weapon. Of course, it has its drawbacks with a slow reload speed and the wind up before being fired. I was told that certain bolts may have a stronger effect on some monsters compared to others.

After disposing of this abomination I got to explore Town Hall. I really like what Tango Game Works is doing with the environments. Rooms were shifting and ever-changing. I felt a sense of dread going from room to room and I never felt safe. I also never ran into a “normal” enemy. It was cool to just experience each section and appreciate how much went into making it feel scary. The puzzles were also engaging. The one puzzle I faced wasn’t incredibly difficult but took advantage of the environment in interesting ways.

There was a theme with pictures and cameras, which resulted in a soldier being frozen in mid-air. The MO of the killer I was searching for. The theme seemed to be omnipresent and found its way into my next boss fight. The “Obscura” boss, a spider-like monster with a camera for a head.

Instead of a typical boss fight, I had to hold this monster off until the timer ran out. The device I was trying to restart would “stabilize” the world. The “Obscura” stalked the small room sticking to the shadows and used it’s flash to stop the device from counting down. Each engagement I feared death. The monster was powerful and attempted to pounce on me from a distance. The monster broke dangling lightbulbs as it slowly crept down the halls making it darker and harder for me to land my shots. Even though I had the max amount of medkits I treated them like gold. Never wanting to spend one unless truly needed.

I didn’t get too many story beats, but the small amount I saw intrigued me. An evil photographer appeared once again taunting me about my missing daughter. I was left with many questions after my short demo, but  The Evil Within 2 is shaping up to be a solid survival horror experience. With Shinji Mikami behind the reigns hopefully, some of the edges from the first game will be ironed out.

The Evil Within 2 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 13th.



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