With so much anime out there to see, which ones deserve some of your time? Well, we’re here to give you some insight into some we have found to be a solid view. A central theme here will be centered around ghosts and the paranormal in general. You may agree or disagree with these picks, but they are just our opinion. With story, sense of wonder, and intrigue, here are some paranormal horror anime to watch this Halloween.

Ghost Hunt

First and foremost, Ghost Hunt is a good horror anime to watch. It’s a look at real life, met with wonder, and delving into the subconscious. This anime series is based off the shoujo manga series of the same name, and is considered a continuation. There are slight nods to the manga, one being the main character’s nickname given by someone whom he had met during the first episode.

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While there are some complaints about certain plot holes or character backgrounds, you would have to read the manga to completely understand some dialog. Some also think that certain explanations of activity feel dismissive. As in, there is a reasonable explanation for most things, while some episodes might conclude that way or another.

That being said, Ghost Hunt is certainly a very creepy and haunting piece of animation. It uses pure atmosphere and the realism aspect that some people today claim they experience. Everything moves slowly, but just enough to keep interest in what’s going on around each location visited.

Most episodes of the series are held together in two parts, which only adds to the amount of detail and tension. It’s like you’re ghost hunting in real life, except with a few twists and suspension of disbelief. Each character brings their own to the table as well. An Australian Priest, a Shrine Maiden, Buddhist Monk, Spirit Medium, School Girl, Assistant, and the head researcher himself.



Mushi-shi is a favorite among many. It’s filled with various creatures called Mushi that often seem to display supernatural powers. The main protagonist, Ginko, is often studying them and is among some of the only humans to actually see them. The Mushi themselves are not evil in any way, and Ginko expresses that in various episodes. They are merely trying to survive. It’s like this dance between nature and humanity, and it really works out well. In the beginning you may see the Mushi as evil, but in the end they are seen more as pests.

Ginko often smokes a lot only in attempt to keep the Mushi away, or so he tells people. Mushi-Shi is mostly episodic, with Ginko traveling between locations, helping people and protecting them. It may not be a creepy show in the slightest, but it is definitely one to check out if you are in the need to watch something supernatural. This show receives high praise for a reason. It’s both a serious and light take on something that could have easily been good vs evil as we see in most anime. Mushi-Shi ~Next Passage~ is a sequel to the original and is just as entertaining.

Ghost Hound

Ghost Hound

Oh what a deal Ghost Hound is to psychological horror anime. It’s made by the same creators of Ghost in the Shell, and it pulls no punches. This is a trip if ever there was one. It starts off in a small remote mountain region, on the island of Kyushu. If you read up on Hawaiian folklore, then you get a hint as to what this series is about. It’s a mesh between both the spiritual world and the real world, with many ghosts making their appearance in town.

Three high school boys have all had traumatic experiences, which soon lead them to the spirit realm. Yeah, you probably heard it before. What makes this anime unique is pretty much everything else. It’s the weird and creepy factor with Ghost Hound. Towards the very beginning, within the first few episodes, you really get to know one person’s experience.

A kid named Taro, who was much younger at the time, went to school to meet up with his older sister. Later, they both get kidnapped as they’re walking home and held for ransom. Before the drop was even made, the kidnapper was run over by a truck. Sadly, when the two children were later discovered, the older sister had not survived. This caused much psychological scarring throughout the rest of his life. It’s another almost true-to-life series in dealing with mental illness. It takes plenty of liberties as well, but remains a good show. Ghost Hound is certainly one to watch this Halloween.

So much Horror anime, how to choose?

Ghost Hound

With so many series to watch, we only hope to get people thinking. While there are plenty of paranormal anime series, finding those that interest you can be a challenge. Some may give you that suspense, creep you out, or terrify you altogether. This is that one time of the year where you can share likes and dislikes of different horror anime series.

Here we are, sharing some of our favorites. This may be a drop in the bucket, but there is and will be so much more. Maybe there will even be a full list of our favorites! Halloween is just around the corner. Share some of your favorite horror anime series with us, we would love to see them!