CS:GO is getting more popular every day, which could be down to the easy to understand game mechanics, plenty of ways to improve your skills, and fantastic player community.

One of the great aspects of the game is the customizations that allow you to tweak settings to alter your entire gameplay. Pros use loads of different resolutions, allowing you to see the trees or the forests to give a competitive edge. Fortunately, that’s where we come in, providing a few tips to improve your settings such as your mouse sensitivity, through to your refresh rate. In a nutshell, we want to help you get the most out of your game by adjusting the settings that the pros are already taking advantage of.

The best CS: GO refresh rate

If you’re a hardcore CS: GO, player, you’ll likely already know that having a high refresh rate gives you a BIG advantage for any competitive shooter. No esports player uses a 60HZ monitor anymore, although that’s not a complete surprise given the advantages of having a high refresh rate provides.

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First of all, having a high refresh rate means everything flows as it should, allowing you to see enemy movements can be the difference between a hit or a missed shot, and its no surprise that every shot counts in CS: GO.

Shots aside, having a monitor capable of 240HZ is strongly recommended for a game like CS: GO due to the advantages it brings. That’s why you see the professionals doing whatever they can to max out the frames they can get with even if they’re already smashing out way above 240 frames per second already!

Which aspect ratio is best?

One of the most obvious changes you can make to your CS: GO settings is in relation to the aspect ratio and resolution. Your framerate and entire gameplay can be impacted by both of these factors, so it is vital to ensure you consider which approach works best for you.

Most gaming monitors use the aspect ratio of 16:9, so if you’re not using this, then you can opt for various scaling modes, stretched or black to name them. Much like opening CS Cases, you need to find a key, and the key here is tinkering with what works for you.


Mouse manufacturers like Razer use DPI to gloat about how great their new sensors are for their latest mouse, although this is merely a marketing tactic as its pretty uncommon to see a pro player using anything more than a 3200 DPI. Many CS: GO players may prefer a lower DPI setting as the lower values are what they’ve been used to playing with, and also in part because there’s no reason for them to switch to insane DPI levels. If a better sensitivity is what you’re looking for, you can do this within the game settings.

Zoom Sensitivity

Lastly, the zoom sensitivity of your mouse depicts how rapid your aim will be when using rifles with a scope. AWPers will find this value important but its also useful for any other players to take some time to mess with this setting. You wouldn’t want to be like a mouse to a cat if you’ve got your team’s AWP to save, as an example. Many might argue about what this value should be, although the type of mouse a player uses should be factored in, for many, it seems to be the default setting of 1 that hits the sweet spot.

There are of course a range of other settings available to tweak in CS: GO such as your mouse acceleration settings, your eDPI and more, but often these settings will come down to personal preference rather than us putting an average player value to them. 

Test out what works for you, and you’ll soon be boasting the setting among the best!

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