The Best Creature Movies From the Last 20 Years

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Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of creature movies. Believe me, there is a lot of trash out there, But having gorged myself on them, I’ve picked out the best ones for you:

The Sharks

Surrounded (aka Frenzy) (2018)

Bet you were wondering where the shark movies were at. Well, here’s one. Surrounded has a ton of bad reviews, but it’s one of the best shark movies I’ve seen. It’s about a group of influencers who go diving for their channel in an illegal area.

The Reef (2010)

When your yacht capsizes and… Rich people problems. There’s a yacht, it overturns, everybody swims, someone gets eaten. So far, so bloody, but what makes this one so good is the pure survival angle. These people are stranded, harassed by sharks, and determined to survive. Definitely recommend.

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Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2016)

Yep, more sharks. Cage Dive has a strong survival slant, and will definitely appeal to those of you like survival movies, even if you aren’t a shark person. It starts with a group of people cage diving, and all their romantic dramas. But there’s a freak storm and the cage breaks. 

The Shallows (2016)

A surfer who insists on surfing alone gets into trouble off a gorgeous beach. She is stuck in the shallows with a bleeding wound and somehow must get to the shore. But something toothy this way comes…

The Not-Sharks

The Creature Below (2016)

A Lovecraft-inspired squid horror. I loved this. It’s about a marine biologist’s descent into madness as she unravels the mystery behind an egg she recovered on a deep-sea mission. This one is very bloody, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Piranha and Piranha DD (2010, 2012)

The remakes of the classic Piranha movies, these are well worth a watch. They’re very bloody with some adult content but very enjoyable. I didn’t lose anything in watching remakes. I’ve seen the originals, and these were still brilliant.

Black Water (2007)

A croc film. Croc films always scare me the most. I think it’s the blunter teeth and that rolling you over to drown you thing they do. Anyway, this one is fantastic with much deeper undertones than your average creature feature.

Crawl (2019)

An alligator movie from last year, I’ve been eyeing this one since I heard it was coming out. I finally got to watch it on the weekend, and it was reasonably good. A competitive swimmer and her father are trapped in the crawl space of their house. The problem is it’s flooded, and there are some very angry alligators in it.

Monster Hunter (2019)

Not to be confused with the game franchise, this one is about a windigo beast (generally known as a wendigo). Very creepy, if you’re into that and different to your usual creature. The best part about this for me was finding a creature feature about a cryptid. If anyone knows of any more, holler!

More Sharks

Ice Sharks (2016)

An unusual choice, as it’s set in Antarctica, but this one is quite good. A team of scientists are doing their thing when they’re suddenly accosted by sharks. There are some tremendous underwater my-research-station-just-sank scenes in this film.

The Meg (2018)

The biggest shark movie of recent years, The Meg is about a colossal prehistoric species of shark arising from the deep. The underwater facilities in this are absolutely stunning. I’m dying for a sequel.

Planet of the Sharks (2016)

A brilliant angle on dystopia as well as a shark movie. If you loved Waterworld or you love environmental thrillers, then this one’s for you. There’s a lot more to this one than just the sharks-eat-people deal.

Sharknado 1 and 2 (2013, 2014)

That bizarre cult phenomenon, Sharknado. The first two are pretty good, if really, really weird. After that, the sequels get too odd and a bit rubbish. But the first two have a genuine thrill to them; they really make you care about the characters. 

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