Cuphead is a 2017 indie smash-hit that took the gaming world for a loop.  Cup Head is a bullet-hell Contra-style shooter with hand drawn art.  Delivered in style of a 1930s Disney animated film, Cuphead’s style points and art are flawless.  On the 200th episode of the Tesla-based podcast, “Ride the Lightning” released June 2, 2019, Elon Musk announced plans to make Cuphead playable in Tesla vehicles.


Source: Tesla Website, Model 3

Tesla vehicles currently have the ability to play classic Atari games via the touchscreen inside of the vehicles.  How to do this right now is by accessing the Easter Egg menu via the UI and pressing the TestAtari icon.  Tesla owners can play such classics as Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command and Lunar Lander. 

Owners can play these Atari titles via the touchscreen or a USB controller input.  Tesla Models S, 3 and X owners can play these via the Easter Egg menu, by following these steps:

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  1. Touch the Tesla “T” logo at the screen’s top. This will bring up a vehicle information screen.

  2. Then hold the screen and drag it from the top downwards in order to reveal the Easter Egg menu.

  3. Press the TestAtari button.


Soruce: Wikipedia page for Unity Engine

It is no secret Elon Musk has an active Twitter page, and recently Elon Tweeted about bringing the Unity Engine onto the Tesla vehicles. One such title that runs on the Unity Engine is Cuphead. Cuphead will be playable only in the vehicle via the USB controller input.

Because Cuphead is a very frame rate heavy game and has to look smooth in order to show off the slick hand-drawn animation of the in-game assets.  This will be a test of how much they can do with the vehicle and could change portable gaming.


The Tesla version of Cuphead currently has no release date.  However, if you own a Tesla Model 3, S or X, you can slip over to the touchscreen now and play some classic Atari titles. It’s recommended not to do so while in transit.

Also, you can go and check out the announcement via the Unofficial Tesla Motors Podcast “Ride the Lightning” Episode 200, “My Elon Musk Interview”.  The news is straight from Elon himself.

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