TemTem, an ongoing project over the last year or so has released its latest update to their ever growing player-base. Crema revealed the update weeks ago via their projected road-map. With the new update given a run-down today via Crema’s official Twitter and website. Crema are going through obvious challenges at the moment like all developers, but have stated that their work is continuing from home.

Crema revealed they have implemented new ranked matchmaking. Along with this a new rating system called TMR (Tamer Match-Making Rating. This rating with fluctuate depending on player’s wins and losses in ranked battles. Furthermore, this rating will be the deciding factor in pitching similarly rated players against each other. Every TemTem in ranked battles is set at the max level of 48, with their SV’s maxed, whilst TV’s remain the same. Players obtain a pansun reward for winning matches ranked matches, Crema revealed. However, this feature is disabled currently due to ongoing testing.

TemTem Ranked Play

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(Image source: https://crema.gg/temtem/ranked-update/)

A Move Towards Smoother Online Play

In addition, there has also been the implementation of a spectator mode. Crema stated that spectator mode is in a basic form at the moment, but will be improved upon. Crema felt, in their own words that “PvP matches needed a bit more of shininess”. The answer to this for them was the addition of player intro and outro cards for battles.

TemTem Battle Outro

(Image source: https://crema.gg/temtem/ranked-update/)

Furthermore, Crema have addressed readability issues with the introduction of the battle log. The battle log will keep track of all situations that arise in a battle. Information included in the battle log is as follows: health & stamina points, status changes and stat stage changes that may occur within battles. The battle log is used only for competitive matches  at the moment. However players can change this to include a battle log in all  varieties of battles in-game.

For more minor changes, there have been changes to how ‘Bamboozle’ works. Bamboozle will now apply a new status condition known as ‘Evading’. This change will not change much regarding gameplay, but rather, will just make it easier to view which TemTem have these conditions via the UI. As well as this, there has been the addition of a new status named ‘Alerted’. TemTem obtain Alerted once they have awoken from sleep. Besides that, there is three additional reward tiers for the FreeTem foundation. As well as multiple bug fixes and new animations for the title.

What exciting new additions to TemTem. Are you excited for the new changes? Or is there something that you feel still needs addressed? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you enjoy this content then why not checking out our article on the death of games journalism. Or perhaps our review of Final Fantasy from a UX perspective. Thanks for reading COG! 


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