This upcoming weekend at NEC18 is the Battle Royal 2017 Grand Finals. And Team Ninja has been dropping hints that they’ll be making an announcement that could be related to the Dead or Alive franchise. While Dead or Alive hasn’t seen much activity in a while, there has been a steady flow of DLC content for Dead or Alive 5. But as that installment reaches the end of it’s lifespan, many are hoping for a new game to hit the shelves soon. With Team Ninja having confirmed that no more DLC content will be made for Dead or Alive 5, it seems safe to assume that a new title could be in the near future.

A tweet from Team Ninja said to “make sure to stick around until the finals are over. There will be an announcement once the prizes are given to the champions on Dec. 17th”.

Team Ninja didn’t specifically mention Dead or Alive. But it is greatly expected to be related to the franchise. This weekend at NEC18 will be featuring a loaded lineup of heavy hitter fighting titles, and would make a great stage for the announcement of a new Dead or Alive title, not to mention the finals will be streamed. While some might be hoping for a new Ninja Gaiden or Nioh title, it seems a bit unlikely given the circumstances. 2018 already has a pretty stacked lineup for fighting games, with franchises such as Dragon Ball and Soul Calibur putting out new installments. With all this in mind, it’s not too far-fetched to think that Team Ninja might be gearing up to make their own contribution to 2018’s list of juggernaut fighting titles. Only time will tell what Team Ninja has in store for fans.

We here at Culture of Gaming will keep you updated on the announcement from Team Ninja.

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