Challenges and How We Face Them A lot of what I love about playing video games are the challenges and obstacles that they force us to deal with. Whether these are combat, puzzles, or platforming, games present us with difficult tasks, and we must overcome them. In lots of instances, […]

In our current generation of gaming, it seems almost impossible to make a game without some sort of controversy surrounding it, being critically panned, or being ‘just another game.’ At least, that’s what some game developers and publishers seem to release. Some developers release terrible games that gain a small […]

No matter which culture you come from, your stories are a crucial part of your history. Whether it is the urban legends that haunt your society, the mythological tales that are handed down from generation to generation or the annals of your family members, our history defines us.

This Week In Video Game History… Leon S. Kennedy returns, an excellent Strategy Sim arrives on Game Boy Advance, Link tries to waken a sleeping Zelda and Nintendo saves the day.   Resident Evil 4 (NGC) [2005]   This week in video game history, the Resident Evil series returned initially […]

To say Nintendo had a pretty good 2017 would be an understatement. The company’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, launched this past March to unprecedented success, currently sitting at just under eight million sold. They were so confident they even increased their sales projections for the console, from 10 million […]