5 Nintendo Franchises That Would Work Great on Mobile

With Nintendo constantly growing in the mobile scene, many wonder what titles we could see come to phones and tablets. While we are aware of games such as Mario Kart Tour and Doctor Mario World that are currently in development, the rest of the company’s mobile endeavors seem shrouded in mystery. Well, we have a few ideas for some Nintendo properties […]

Super Smash Bros Blog Summary Aug 27 to Sep 2

Smash Bros

Is it December 7 yet? Well now that it’s September at least Smash Bros. is only three months away. Yet, Sakurai teases us daily with his relentless stream of updates. Despite my incessant whining, I can’t imagine a world without these nurturing blog posts. Thank you, Sakurai, for your — almost — daily blog posts […]

Yoshi Originally Punched by Mario – Nintendo Confirms


Yoshi is one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters. Originally introduced as Mario’s beast of burden in the plumber’s 16 bit introduction, Yoshi has since evolved into an entire race of characters in numerous games. The trait he is most famously known for is his long, sticky tongue that can trap characters and objects only for […]