Hello Games biggest title, No Man’s Sky, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in June. You can find the official Xbox Wire statement here. The games leading man Sean Murray wrote the statement, and he had this to say: “Almost two years ago, our small team at Hello Games brought No Man’s […]

With everything getting canceled and all the toilet paper in the world vanishing, we are currently living in rather troubling times. We’re even at a point where we can’t even say that particular word because apparently it’s “too political” (even though this is something that is affecting just about everyone). […]

I’ve always been an avid PlayStation fan all my life. I used my brother’s Xbox and 360 when I was younger but, I never cared to buy one myself. The Xbox One released in 2013 and I still didn’t pay it any mind. I had my PlayStation 4 and PC […]

As the ever growing library on the Xbox Game Pass continues to change, here’s what’s coming and leaving in May. As for what’s leaving, it was announced that the Mega Man Legacy Collection, MotoGP 17, Comic Jumper, Ms. Splosion Man, and Star Wars The Force Unleashed I & II will […]


Gaming, as we know it, will soon go the way of the dodo. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Especially considering how well the current consoles are selling, and that Steam’s user base continues to grow year over year, but stick with me. I don’t mean that GAMING is dying. I just […]