Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Konami has just recently announced three separate game bundles for Contra, Castlevania, and Arcade Classics, aptly-titled Anniversary Collections. Each collection “includes a bonus eBook packed with new information about the titles, including interviews with the development staff, behind-the-scenes insights, and sketches and design documents never before […]

One of the newest racing games to hit the field is GRIP: Combat Racing. We’re looking at tracks, campaign, multiplayer, single-player, and if it does anything different opposed to other racing titles. There are some faults to be had with the overall game, but most are mitigated with how fun […]

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is a game that the cynical can easily dismiss without a second thought. It has the art style of a trapper keeper. A lot of the jokes don’t land. And the controls could use a good polish. But if you temper expectations, and treat it like […]

We at Culture of Gaming have actively anticipated Gamescom 2018 for a while now. With all the wonderful trailers coming out in anticipation, is it any wonder? There appears plenty for gamers to look forward to in the coming year. Especially if one loves all things Japanese. Here are five […]

Activision’s Toys For Bob has tried to keep a tight lid on the Spyro Reignited Trilogy as of late. Even though E3 only occurred a handful of weeks ago, senior producer, Peter Kavic has stated that he’d “want to leave some surprises”. Well, after another leak of information, yet another […]