Shortly after Nintendo’s September 4th, 2019 Direct, Nintendo dropped another video on their channel. Simply titled: “First look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch”, the video showcases a still unnamed device having a multitude of motions be performed on it by players from around the world. You can check […]

I’ve been writing opinion pieces for Culture of Gaming for a while now. And if you read many of them you see that games preservation is very important to me. So, Nintendo continues its quest to pretend the Wii U never existed by adding yet another old title to the […]


Gamescom is finally here and a bunch of games will receive announcements, release dates and hopefully, playable gameplay demos. All eyes will turn towards Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to see what they can offer in way of exclusives. Whilst this games development tactic may not always be the best for […]

I liked the Wii U, but it was a disappointing flop. Within a three to four year life cycle the Wii U managed to only sell 13.5 million units worldwide. By comparison, within its first year the Nintendo Switch managed to outsell the Wii, with 16.7 million units sold worldwide. This […]

I liked the Wii U. It was, however, a failure. The lack of strong advertisement, triple A support, and a few other reasons led to its demise. What did I like about the Wii U? The main feature of the Wii U was being able to play off the TV […]

The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo. It has so far sold more than 14 million units, far surpassing its predecessor the Wii U. And with sales success on the software front, too, Nintendo has definitely made a comeback. But there’s a point many people have been […]