Hype is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I love hype. I love feeling excited about the latest game in my favorite series, or a new developer’s beautiful, innovative project. On the other hand, hype can be abused by publishers and developers, leading to false promises or monumental expectations. In […]

Spoilers for Far Cry and Call of Duty franchises ahead! Two gaming franchises that have always been very close to my heart are Call of Duty and Far Cry. I grew up with these games and have always had somewhat of an affectionate disdain towards them. I know they’re bad⁠ — […]

The hack is back. Ubisoft announced the next chapter of the Watch Dogs series will be Watch Dogs: Legion. Created by Ubisoft Toronto, Legion is set in a nightmarish London where an authoritarian force backed by a private military corporation has crushed democracy. Players recruit and assemble their own rebel […]