March 10th (#MAR10) is a day for Mario, where we celebrate the red plumber and his impact on gaming. However, as the Mario franchise has expanded so has its characters. Many of them have had their own games, series, and spin-offs. Nintendo has made a habit of making these games […]

On the May 22, Nintendo launched the closed beta for Mario Kart Tour, lasting until June 4 on Android / IOS. Currently, people are prohibited from sharing screenshots or recording the closed beta, but that isn’t stopping the brave few. Mario Kart Tour can be played in landscape or portrait mode and […]

Gather round my fellow steadfast Smash Bros. fans. A day we have waited for will finally be upon us tomorrow. Just under two months ago daddy Sakurai graced our glowing rectangles to share his bounty that was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There is a Smash Direct scheduled to air at 7am […]