Mortal Shell: A Dark and Punishing Action RPG A dark and decrepit third person action RPG is on the horizon for late 2020. Newly formed developer Cold Symmetry has just announced their new title Mortal Shell. The release trailer looks absolutely stunning, take a look for yourselves below. How Does […]

If there is one thing that needs to be an instant certainty it’s the look of a main character. Not only have video game armors protected the lives of our protagonists through sequels but its helped them look good doing it.  Here are a list of super cool sci-fi armors […]

It’s been a while since the latest release of a new Warframe, and the developers show no sign of slowing down with their latest release, Revenant, a Warframe capable of using sentient energy itself. This Eidolon/vampire inspired Warframe is the pinnacle of spin2win frames, so without further ado, let’s take […]