Single-Player PS4 Exclusives That Boost Sony’s Rep

Single-Player PS4 Exclusives

Single-player of 2018, by EA’s standards, is more of a niche genre. However, it’s far more than that. It’s an experience that sometimes others just want to partake in by themselves. There are people who want to play games without distraction or some kid yelling inside their ear. Give us a compelling story, and we […]

PlanTechtor: A New VR Game Coming to Steam!


With VR games on the rise, especially with the releases seen this year and next, there are good titles. However, if you want a solid strategy game slighted with hints of RPG mechanics, PlanTechtor may be for you! From Guild Wars 2 design director Isaiah Cartwright, and former ArenaNet developer Lester Bloom, comes a new […]

The VR Experience: Outside Looking In

The VR Experience: Outsider Looking In.

From an outsider’s perspective, where I currently sit, VR seems very niche. It doesn’t feel much like something a console or PC gamer like me would just dive into. My retro collection is very large, nearly 10 times the size of games I have bought for current generation consoles. So, what’s the appeal for me? […]

New Story Details for VR Game Arca’s Path

Arca's Path

Arca’s Path, the colorful ball-rolling VR game revealed this past E3, got a brief developer diary video just yesterday. In the second “dev diary” that game studio Dream Reality Interactive has published, creative lead Albert Bentall and a few of his team members take a look at the story of Arca’s Path. According to the […]

Tokyo Game Show 2018: Playstation Day 4

Tokyo Game Show 2018

At Tokyo Game Show 2018 day 4, we are not slowing down when it comes to Sony. There are so many new games coming out in the following few months alone and they are must-haves. Project Judge, Warriors Orochi 4, Kingdom Hearts III, and then a Let’s Play of some SIE WWS titles, along with […]

Apex Construct Review: A Practice in Futility

Apex Construct is an unpolished view into the future of VR gaming. It offers an engrossing FPS combat system, but falls flat in just about every other aspect.  Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct focuses on the feud between two sentient AI. The AI Mothr is the main antagonist of this story. As revelations continue to unfold you — the last human […]

Escalation Studios becomes Bethesda Game Studios Dallas

Escalation Studios to Bethesda Dallas

Bethesda’s next step towards world domination was announced by Todd Howard at Quakecon last Friday. The star game director revealed that they will be adding a second Texas studio — this time in Dallas. The game studio formerly known as Escalation Studios has been bundled into the family as Bethesda Game Studios Dallas. Here is […]

SpectreVision and Ubisoft’s Transference: It’s NOT a Horror

Transference is a title that you need to know a lot more about. In terms of the gaming world, a lot of buzz is built when a famous actor is heard playing one of the characters, or when a character actually looks like them. Examples are Samuel L. Jackson in San Andreas or Ellen Page […]