From an outsider’s perspective, where I currently sit, VR seems very niche. It doesn’t feel much like something a console or PC gamer like me would just dive into. My retro collection is very large, nearly 10 times the size of games I have bought for current generation consoles. So, […]

October is here! Which means we’re officially in spooky season! It’s the perfect time to curl up, brew a cup of tea, and get ready for some scares. Now, understandably, some may not be on-board with the haunts, and that’s fine! But that doesn’t mean you should be left out […]

Video games are unique within entertainment. Like television and movies, there is usually a story. Also like television and movies, you’ll likely hear music throughout. Furthermore, like many kids’ shows and anime, art is a vital part of the experience. Yet movies and television are passive experiences, while video games […]

Supermassive Games has delayed two of its upcoming PlayStation VR games. Supermassive Games is a popular developer working with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring high quality narrative experiences to consumers. The two games won’t be coming out until 2018. Both games were originally planned for a 2017 release., but Supermassive […]

It is that time of year when the ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night get up to all sorts of mischief. To celebrate, we crept through the graveyard, opened those dusty vaults in our search for the best horror games ever made. These are games that not only creeped us out but actually simulated the experience of being stalked, scared and startled like any good horror movie.

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